Low Lie the Fields: Galactica Thread


Here’s the thing about stories, good ones, ones that mean something. They’re supposed to shake you up, knock something loose, change you inside, so that even if you knit yourself back together you can still trace the seam with your fingertips, you can still see the place where the change happened. I’m trying to find a way to describe the ache in my chest because it’s not sorrow and it’s not joy.


You fight for something, like Jacob for Rachel; you work to earn it,
you flay yourself, open up your veins and your skin and your
selfishness and your cruelty and the greatest shames inside you, to
earn a sense of worthiness. You work to earn your just reward. And when
you get it, it is broken. They burned off the things that kept them
blind and they walked one painful, bloody step from the Altar of the
Colonies, on which they were sacrificed, to the Temple of Aurora, and
when they got there it was broken.

I chose the snippet above not knowing a damn thing about this episode. Not a DAMN THING. So there’s them apples.

How do you know when to quit?

I’m asking, because I don’t, it’s kind of my thing that I don’t, you all know this by now. Most of you have, at one time or another, told me to fuck off with the constant exhortations to get back up after some humiliating bullshit goes down. So I’m asking: How do you know when to quit? It hurts either way, so which poison do you pick? It’s brave either way, because either way people will try to talk you out of it, either way you’ll feel like you’re disappointing people, letting them down, letting them go. It’s stupid either way, because you’re always going to needle yourself, if you stay or if you go, should I have gone the other way?

Laura. You’re fucking your boss, then you get cancer, then the world blows up, then you fall in love, then you lose an election, then the world blows up AGAIN, then your cancer comes back. In between there’s mutiny and terrorism and for extra fun you get to be a hostage. How do you know when to quit?

Bill. Your kid dies, you get divorced, you get old, the world blows up, your surrogate sons and daughters die all around you, try to kill you, turn into killer robots, your friend Admiral Cain shows up only shesucksnow, you fall in love with someone who’s currently a hostage, your best friend’s a Cylon, you’re really really really fucking old, and tired, and your remaining son’s kind of a ponce sometimes. How do you know when to quit?

D’Anna. You have, at this point, killed yourself about a dozen times, to find answers to what you think are the questions that matter. You’ve inhabited a dozen bodies and fought your own people and stuck your hands into the programming so many times you can’t pull them out anymore, you don’t know where you end and this mission begins, you’ve gone forward only to meet yourself going back. How do you know when to quit?

There’s graffiti on the walls that says FRAK EARTH and people are holding guns to each other’s heads and it’s all just too much. Laura’s burning books, as if the books are the problem. As if the story, what got inside her and gave her hope, was the point. How do you know when to quit?

p>It sound so glib and easy to say you never quit, you never ever ever quit, but I’m not talking about this the way I usually talk about this, about a hockey game or the FISA sitch or whatever. I’m talking about this like life. What choice do you have? The foxes can’t go back and fight the hounds and they can’t make it across the river and they’re foxes, it doesn’t occur to them to not steal hens from someone who owns dogs, so what choice do they have? The third option, it isn’t back, it isn’t forward, it’s just … out, the only way out there is.

We all get what we want, eventually. If we live long enough and fight hard enough we get what we want, and usually it’s horrible in some way we didn’t think about. Usually it’s not what we imagined, not exactly, because our imaginations are designed that way for a reason, to get us to places in which we then have to live. We want Earth, so we get Earth.Then what? There’s always going to be a job in front of us. There’s always going to be somewhere to go. There’s always going to be, as Laura said so beautifully back in Season One: “Okay. Next crisis.” Until you decide to stop. Even then, that’s going somewhere. Even then, that’s moving, just to stay in place as everything changes around you. You don’t quit because youcan’t.

Quick takes: Gaeta still looks like hell, like he sucks blood from the rats that show up in the hallway at night instead of drinking from humans.

How did I never notice before that Hoshi was so cute?

I guess my frequent e-mails to Ron Moore yelling about Hera’s daycare were answered in the form of that scene of Dualla babysitting.

Speaking of which FUCK SHIT JESUS DUALLA. Dualla’s suicide was hard, terribly hard, to watch, because up until the moment I saw the gun I thought they were playing her as Cylon, and then it was terribly hard because I’ve done that with someone, said goodbye when I didn’t know it was goodbye, and deep down I’m probably still angry with him for doing that, for being lovely only to try to (thank god, it was only try to) leave. She went to see Helo and Sharon and Hera and she went to see Lee and then she was done and only afterward do you see the pattern. There was joy in her eyes because she’d made a decision. That’s how this works. I’d like to hate her for it but I understand.

Kara. Kara Kara Kara. Kara, finally finding a truth good old crazy prophetic Leoben was too scared to face. Even the biblical prophets, seeing God, were horrified. You are the harbinger of death, Kara Thrace. You will lead them all to their end, the Hybrid said, and then I wondered, why “them” and not “you?” Was the exclusivity on purpose? She’s so, so, so strong, burning the evidence and hiding the tags. It’s terrifying, like watching somebody jump out of a plane without a chute and every mile they fall they’re whispering, “so far, so good.”

Ellen. Really? I’m withholding judgment, though I now feel slightly less icky about her fucking Cavil on New Caprica.



16 thoughts on “Low Lie the Fields: Galactica Thread

  1. Speaking of which FUCK SHIT JESUS DUALLA.
    No shit. That was maybe the most shocking moment in the series’ run — and this ain’t “Little House on the Prairie.” I literally couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing, even after I saw it.
    Of course, Dee could be the 13th Cylon — don’t laugh, there were 13 tribes, weren’t there? 13’s a magic number in this world.
    Or she’s dead, dead, dead, and that’s probably the truth.
    As for Ellen, if she’s the fifth, is she still alive? And if so, where? Was this, in fact, Earth? I don’t recall seeing the Moon, and you’d notice the Moon.
    This was an outstanding show. I want the next one. Now.

  2. As usual, need to watch again.
    Initial reaction to Dualla was remembering what either Jacob or A wrote about Dee being – literally due to her coms position- the voice in everyone’s head that brings them back safe, the connection when they are away from safety. Now she/that’s gone. I wondered if she identified that way and if she felt complicit about the destination. Not that this is what made her give up but if it was part. I also wondered if her finding the jacks made her think she was a Cylon or if it just made her see old traumatic memories or that she’d been here before and would be back again and it’s time to quit.
    And hell, they are all complicit, they all had hope and wanted to press on.
    Was Kara burning the evidence or giving herself a funeral?

  3. Wow… just WOW!
    I guess my prediction about Dee being the final cylon was wrecked! Ellen? I too remain skeptical – but if true, presumably she’s back there with Cavil and the remaining (angry) cylons.
    And the whoel Earth was cylon? Really? Or maybe its just the cosmic re-incarnation wheel turning all along??
    Wow. Nine shows left and I have the feeling not every question will be answered.

  4. Eerie was when husband and I looked at each other, right when Dee talks to little Hera, and said, “She’s gonna off herself.” She could still be Cylon and regenerate but that would be a stretch. Ellen as final Cylon has to be a red herring.

  5. I agree with Maitri. I’m inclined to think that Ellen is a red herring. It was almost a throw away reference. Plus the Colonel (not Sanders) kept seeing her face on 6’s body during the first half of the season.

  6. You know, I don’t know about Ellen being a red herring. Consider the timeline:
    1. D’Anna is the last Cylon left on New Caprica. She could have come across Ellen in that place and imprisoned her.
    2. Flash forward to the Algae planet, when she has her vision. Remember what she says to one of the Final Five? “You! Forgive me, I had no idea!”
    3. She dies, and is immediately boxed.
    4. She isn’t unboxed until they blow the Hub. And she doesn’t recon with the 1’s, 4’s, and 5’s, other than to break Cavil’s neck.
    5. At the point when she meets with the rebel Cylons and the humans, D’Anna is certain that only four of the Final Five are a part of the fleet.
    D’Anna could know this because she knows that Ellen is with the 1’s, 4’s, and 5’s.
    I’m not so sure that Ellen isn’t really in the Final Five. Indeed, I think it makes a certain amount of sense.

  7. Hmmm … hmmm …
    Let’s see: The hybrid said, “The fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering.” Yeah, ok, Ellen seeks redemption for all of her “sins.” She also told Starbuck that “the missing three will give you the five who have come from the home of the thirteenth,” which means Earth where she lived and “died” with Saul.
    Then again, why didn’t D’Anna just say something to Saul about Ellen being the fifth at the end of the last episode before he walked into the water? My feeling is that Earth has/had Cylon regeneration technology and that the line between Cylon-Human is now increasingly blurred, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Ellen is the Fifth. Red herring it is.
    Thinking back on it, the triple weight of Roslin’s, Starbuck’s and Dualla’s decision to destroy themselves based on Dead Earth is starting to really sink in. What is it with all the Adama women?

  8. Leoben looking at Kara as if she were the walking dead makes me think he’s not going to keep silent about her little secret.

  9. Oh, and Kara is a Lord Of Kobol, or whatever they’re going to be called in this series.
    Kara uncovering the wreckage and finding her body reminded me of when Apollo & Starbuck find the remains of the Pegasus in the original series.

  10. Dualla, a beloved character?
    You frakkin’ wish. My love for Dualla died after she toyed with Billy for months and then decided to frak Apollo 5 minutes later.

  11. I have to say, they wrote that whole episode so very well. I have also experienced the final goodbye, not knowing what was coming. Twice, I got lucky. Once, not. Which made it even more brutal watching Dee and not seeing it coming. I almost threw up–really, ran to the bathroom while Mr. BuggyQ paused the Tivo. I still feel an awful squeeze in my chest thinking about it. That’s brilliant frakkin’ writing. Anybody that can make me feel like that…I don’t know what they deserve, but it has to be pretty amazing. And I can completely see how they did it–they had me worrying about Laura and Kara and Bill so much, wondering what was going to happen to them, terrified that one of them might break, and feeling like, well, at least Dualla’s doing okay with it. Then BAM!
    And I still have no idea where this is all going, and I lovelovelove Moore and Eick for being smart enough to keep me in the dark.
    Finally, back to the question at hand, I’ve actually come close to making the choice to stop. It’s one reason I’m a big fan of big pharma in spite of their being fucking assholes: I know exactly where I’d be without antidepressants. I was able to choose to keep going purely because I know Hamlet by heart, and I’m a coward. But I can totally understand the sense of relief that would come once you made the decision–that’s why Dualla rang so very true in this episode. Sometimes keeping on is just so damned exhausting. But the alternative is terrifying to me. I hope I never get to the point where the terrifying is better than being exhausted.

  12. Sometimes keeping on is just so damned exhausting. But the alternative is terrifying to me. I hope I never get to the point where the terrifying is better than being exhausted.
    I liked that the episode was SOOO grim.
    I need grim. Frankly I don’t trust hope after years of grim. I think the first episode of BSG that got me was when Saul had to make the logical decision to shut off the oxygen in the ship during a fire. Dozens of people lost their lives, but more would have if they didn’t control the fire. The XO made the decision because the chief couldn’t. At that moment I knew this series would tell a real story using fiction.
    And another episode about exhaustion was 33, remember that one? Where they had to jump every 33 minutes? That was intense.
    I remember thinking, what if they were like BSG 1980, and arrived NOW in our timeline? Bush still president. Obama elected but not sworn in Chaney in charge. What do you think Shooter would do?
    “Nuke ’em!”
    “But sir I think they say they come in peace. If the translators are correct they say they we are 13th Tribe of humans.”
    “Who do they think we are? Jews? Nuke ’em.”
    “But sir, we can’t preemptively attack them.”
    “Why not? It’s the last thing they will expect. Send up a nuke like in that movie Independence Day.”
    “Sir, that was a fictional movie”
    “So? We use 24 to guide our moves”

  13. Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping.
    I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it.
    God will appreciate it.

  14. idiosynchronic, word.
    Funny how no one looks back to how Dualla discarded then lost the one good man who did not frak with her, because she thought frakking the boss’ son would be good for her, for the son and for the Fleet. She probably rationalized it all by thinking I’m doing it for the Fleet, I’m doing it for Earth.
    Then she found out she was wrong.
    She’s finally worthy of Billy. And I don’t put it past RDM to resurrect them both in teh final episode.

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