Monitored Communications For Thee But Not For Me


Irony is hardly an adequate word to describe an administration thatengaged in industrial-level spying on its own citizens while insisting on unprecedentedsecrecy andcontrol over their own records…records chronicling their time as, and I use the term loosely, public servants.

But I guess when you’re vying for the title ofWorst Administration Ever, you’ve got to pay attention to both the big picture AND the small details.

6 thoughts on “Monitored Communications For Thee But Not For Me

  1. Let us hope that there is a long line of people behind Tice who, knowing that Shrub is out of the way, are talking to the press.
    And what got me about the interview(beyond the obvious general implications), was that they singled out spying on the Press. We can’t have the Press telling people can we? After all, the Press leads to a well informed citizenry (something about the Bill of Rights?)

  2. I wonder if that skeezix and his cyborg buddy have clued in yet that now they too are among the surveilled.

  3. Ummm, yeah! Wow! I know it’s too much to hope for but what if every day in the Obama administration is like the opposite of every day in the Bush administration. Instead of something more and more outrageous and cretinous and foolhardy and just plain asinine, every day is more righteous, gimlet-eyed, thoughtful, compassionate and brilliant? I think by the end of four years there might be an every-American-gets-an-ice-cream-cone day or something. Could we deal with it?

  4. That’s a ballsy move by a small town red state Louisiana newspaper to apologize to its readers for twice endorsing Bush and Cheney. How about a retraction of your Pikyush endorsement.
    NYT? Times Picayune? Washington Post?

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