A Prison Ship Lies Waiting: Galactica Thread



But also: sucky Earth was the ultimate sign that there’s no good fix
for anything, ever, just all of us trying our best to get somewhere
better. IfTrue Blood
taught me anything, that’s it: the second you find the answer, it stops
being the answer, and if you don’t figure that out and keep moving, you
are going to screw yourself over really bad. The only hope that really
kills you is the last one, so you’d better come up with something else
fast. There comes a point where you realize that finding joy in spite
of (notinstead of) being naked and broken is the absolute best you can hope for.

14 thoughts on “A Prison Ship Lies Waiting: Galactica Thread

  1. 1. There is a 0% chance that the Old Man is dead. Mark my words: if Bill Adama dies, it’s because he’s a Cylon, and will be resurrected. Bill Adama makes it to the last episode, damn it, and I refuse to believe otherwise.
    2. That said, I think there’s a 75-80% chance that the Tigh thing is true; remember, though, that death for Cylons, even Cylons who lack a resurrection hub, tends to be impermanent. My guess is that Tigh dies, and wakes up with Ellen at wherever the Frak Ellen’s been.
    3. Glad to see Laura back in the game, even if it’s an episode too late. Also, while her statement was helpful, I think a better use of her precious wireless minutes would have been to, say, tell the fleet that Tom Zarek had initiated a mutiny on Galactica.
    4. As for the episode itself, I realized halfway through that I had a twist in my gut from the mounting tension — the sort of unconscious reaction to the best sort of fiction. Certainly one of the best episodes of the series, and the denouement should be outstanding.
    5. Jacob rulez.

  2. This is where they finally went off-pause. All of the insanity and hatred in everybody’s head started making it back out, just like on New Caprica.
    Crowning Moment of Awesome for Starbuck in the hanger. Just keep plinking the humans…
    (Speaking of Starbuck, the huge Winged Vagina tattoo finally caught my attention.)
    Felix is obviously the dog that caught the car. Funny thing is that he just might be right about not wanting to hook alien black boxes up to everybody’s drive systems. Let’s watch that.
    Looking more and more like Zarek is the last dude. It would subvert the first series.

  3. A…
    What a great frakking ep!! Truly one of the better ones… and the continued part? Frak me! Can we skip to next Friday now?!
    And this:It’s about the day after, and the day after that. It’s about six months from the day after, when nobody gives a shit anymore… You can’t eat or drink your one day of glory, that’s the problem, so unless you understand that going in you have no business mucking around with greatness, or what passes for it on Galactica these days.You have to be able to see right through the answer and out the other side.
    Wow. Exactly what I was thinking when the credits were rolling… and actually since 11/4 and 1/20. The timing of this ep to our real world problems today is so perfect. I wonder if Moore et al have some sort of time machine they use to see where we are before they write this show.

  4. What a great frakking ep!!
    Agreed. It moved so quickly I was surprised when it ended.
    Off Adama? Can’t see it but Tigh maybe. Or not.
    And Felix, you pathetic little twerp, here’s hoping your peg-leg gets caught in a storm drain grate. And have you thought that maybe the still-wicked D’Anna might turn her base ship on you? Jackass.
    Racetrack, Seelix, how could you?

  5. As always, I agree with very nearly everything, so I’ll just add:

  6. Great episode. I agree with your comment about Felix’s coup succeeding and then not knowing what to do with it.
    I was sort of torn between the sides: the characters we know best were the ancien regime but they’ve screwed the pooch repeatedly. They were foolish to think that the fleet would passively accept Cylon technology on their ships. It’s like sending the SS to Tel Aviv in 1952 for chrissake.

  7. I’m still bugged, though. Starbuck and Apollo boogie up the ladder, leaving Adama and Tigh in a room they don’t need to be in, defending it from an oncoming horde of Marines they have no chance against, protecting a ship that’s already half-way to safety?
    Huh? Does Adama imagine he’s Travis at the Alamo, all of a sudden?
    Most of the ep dealt brilliantly with the idea of soldiers actually trying to go against the chain of command, and then it ends this way?
    Otherwise, I just loved it. Those final two minutes or so, though? Made no sense at all.

  8. Agree with RMJ about the very end. I rewound a couple of times to try and figure out what Starbuck and Apollo were doing and why, and Adama and Tigh sacrificing themselves AFTER the ship with the Pres had left doesn’t make sense.
    Also agreed about “now what?” No way Gaeta can win that game of chess against Adama and Tigh.
    Which is why it’s so unlikely that either or both of them is dead. Too early.

  9. I’m pretty sure the grenade at the end is a flash bang, to knock them unconscious or at least daze them, not a concussion to kill them.

  10. I think that this, ‘Now what’ feeling is really timely. I know I feel it.
    Some of us go back to what we do best, Hate on the Enemy, others try and figure out a new way to go.
    I see this with the Republicans and the talk radio folks.
    “I don’t WANT to be post-partisian! That’s no fun for me! Screw you. I’m going back to hate.”
    But Dude, you’ll kill us ALL with your hate, if they fail we’ll be in charge and we don’t really know what to do.
    I don’t care. It’s better than sucking up to the enemy. Who’s with me? Let’s go! Ahhhhhhhh!
    Me personally, I’m all for a day of reckoning. Gatta could have made a different choice. He could have gone to Adama and said, “We need to figure out a better way to do this. This will not fly. It could be a trap and or not, but we need to have some human controls on the FTL drives. Maybe we need a truth and reconciliations committee, maybe we need to prosecute the Cylons for war crimes, but we need to convince the people this alliance is worth it. We have more in common than we have differences now, especially since the Cylons aren’t immortal any more.

  11. Spocko, that would mean Gaeta being a whole lot less “MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEEEEEMYPAINMYPAINMYPAIN!!!!!!”
    This isn’t about the Cylons for Felix. This isn’t about being the good guy. This isn’t about anything but how Felix feels like he got screwed by both sides, and now he’s acting out. It’s the most incredibly childish act I can imagine, and I can’t believe more of the Galactica crew didn’t see it for that. Have they completely forgotten New Caprica? YOU CAN’T TRUST THIS FRACKED UP FRACK OF A FRACK! What on Caprica makes you think this will be any better than trusting the Cylons? At least they have something to offer for your trust.
    Ditto on the WTF about the ending. Did Bill think that it was all over, that they’d lost the ship entirely and wouldn’t get it back? Laura certainly didn’t think so, or she’d never have left. I don’t get it.
    Previews for next week–if they frakkin’ blow him out an airlock, I’m gonna be so pissed off, I’ll hunt down Moore and Eick and HURT them. Repeatedly.
    Finally, God, I almost got up and threw the teevee across the room when they shot poor Jaffey. Now who will bring Bill his coffee? There simply isn’t retribution strong enough for Gaeta once this is all over.

  12. All Gaeta has accomplished is making his eventual meeting with the airlock inevitable.
    I also agree that the grenade is a flash-bomb. They don’t want to turn Bill & Saul into martyrs. Cylon & Human going down fighting together? That’s too powerful of an image.
    And, of course, the thought I have the most when those closing credits roll is “NOW WHAT?”.

  13. Cylon & Human going down fighting together? That’s too powerful of an image.
    Yes. Yes it was.
    God almighty, this fracking SHOW.

  14. Bill and Saul decided to stay and fight because they’re old dogs and wanted the young ones to get to safety to save the rest of the fleet. Saul will either be thrown in the brig or killed and resurrected with his eye intact. He’s a Cylon – that eye has to come back at some point; that’s why it was taken away in the first place.
    “To Be Continued” is pointless. Isn’t the whole rest of the season to be continued? Duh.
    The show reminds me a lot of living in post-9/11 America and post-K New Orleans – Now what? Can’t believe we have to tape this next episode because we will be at a krewe event on Friday night. Bah.

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