Columnwhoring: If You Want to Win the Golden Broom, Find Your Spine


Americans elected Democrats in landslides across the country,
tossing Republican incumbents from office left and right. Obama’s
margin of victory, his mandate to change the way this country has been
run for the past eight years, couldn’t have been much wider.

Democrats hold a 78-seat majority in the House and are up by double
digits in the Senate. There’s no real reason to care, at all, what
Republicans think. If the Democratic party wants to get something done,
all they have to do is decide to do it. They’re doing Republicans a
favor by making concessions of any kind, on any bill, whatsoever.
They’re being nice.

Not that I expect that to matter. In the first place, Congressional
Democrats are rarely united, even on the party’s most basic principles
such as support for American labor and women’s reproductive freedom.

In the second place, Democrats in and out of office are so
Stockholm-syndrome stricken – so accustomed to bending over backward to
please the opposition – that some concessions to a party with no
leverage at all seem not just necessary but proper. They’ve spent so
much time pleasing a Republican president and his once-popular
Republican allies, pleasing them with votes to go to war with Iraq, spy
on Americans, illegally imprison and torture, that finding their guts
is going to take a searchlight and posse.


6 thoughts on “Columnwhoring: If You Want to Win the Golden Broom, Find Your Spine

  1. I just read Allison’s column and then the wing nut response right below it. He certainly absorbed all the messages from the right. Including the FDR caused the depression one! Wow.
    You know, I don’t like to correct people who clearly live in wingnut world, but maybe some of you who are more game to beat down (frisk? Is that the word) this wingnuts misunderstanding and factual errors might want to join in.

  2. and when you’re through go throw rotten fruit at Elizabeth Hasselbeck who doesn’t understand why Rush saying he wants Obama to fail is not identical to Olbermann saying “mean” things about Bush.

  3. Spocko, the word is “fisk,” after the English journalistRobert Fisk, who pioneered writing point-by-point smackdowns online. I’d jump in and join, but I’m beat. A day of staring into XML documents will do that to you…

  4. Obama gave us plenty of clues that he would govern this way, while he was campaigning. Read his book, The Audacity of Hope, and you will understand that, for him, getting a good Kumbaya singalong going is better than solving problems any day.
    Nothing in Obama’s campaign, from the fact that it attracted a lot of Republicans, to his insurance company based health care proposal, suggested that he would step up and be a Democratic President. People, including me, just projected our desires on his image, making ourselves believe that he would be a new FDR. Well, it hasn’t taken long to see how mistaken we were.
    At this point I see him as a failure – but, our good fortune is that he is able to learn quickly, has time to do so, and can become a success.

  5. Well I “fisked” it. I tried to post it here but it was too long. I posted it over at the Southtownstar.
    Check it out.

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