Dear US Government: You Suck.

I’m serious. You suck.

All of you.

Republicans, Democrats, the House, the Senate, even you, Mr. President.

I’m getting over a bad flu, I’m cranky as hell, and I do not have patience for this kind of shit, so please god, take your heads out of your asses, straighten the f*ck up and do what we sent you there to do.

I don’t care if it’s bipartisan, I don’t care if it gets rammed down the throats of the Republicans, I don’t care if you trim a few billion here or there, just fix this stimulus bill and get it passed…

WITH the contraception spending put pack in.

For example, Republicans, stop pretending you don’t understand how birth control might help the economy. It’s not rocket science and besides, asKatha Pollitt points out:

More important, what about the economics of actually existing women and
families? This is no time to be saddling people with babies they don’t
want and can’t provide for, who will further reduce the resources
available for the kids they already have and further limit parents’
ability to get an education or a job. In a Depression, birth rates go
down for a reason. People. Have. No. Money.

Dems, stop pretending your legs are painted on and suddenly you can’t stand up and defend spending on family planning just like you defend spending on vaccination programs.

And while you’re doing it, would it kill any of youfeminists to take a few seconds to point out whatRepublicans really want?

For years, reproductive justice activists have argued that the
religious right’s real agenda is not just to eliminate abortion, but to
end the historic rupture between sex and reproduction that took place
in the 20th century.

I understand why that rupture is unsettling. Ironically, I
was on my way to lecture about Margaret Sanger in my history course at
U.C. Berkeley when I heard the news. Sanger was vilified for wanting to
give women the choice of when or whether to bear children. In short,
she challenged all of human history by proposing an historic rupture
between sexuality and the goal of reproduction. If reproduction ceased
to be the goal, sexuality might become yoked to pleasure and that is
quite unsettling to many Americans.

That is the legacy the religious right has fought against, and it’s that agenda that cut funding for family planning.

Maybe calling it period controlwould work after all.

5 thoughts on “Dear US Government: You Suck.

  1. If reproduction ceased to be the goal, sexuality might become yoked to pleasure and that is quite unsettling to many Americans.
    Yes, perish forbid any woman should ever be able to have sex at any time without worrying whether she’ll become pregnant or not. Doing something fun…for the fun of it! Howicky.
    And now, I’m going to put on my radical feminist hat for a moment: Also, there’s the interesting duality that just as sexuality is becoming uncoupled from reproduction, so male responsibility for reproduction is becoming ever more tightly coupled to reproduction. To wit, I think it terrifies and infuriates a lot of these men that a) not only can women blithely have sex at any time without worrying about the biological consequenses — just as men have been able to do for pretty much all of recorded history to date, but b) men are becoming less and less able to do that very thing, thanks to things like genetic testing and enforcement of child support laws. For females to be able to infringe on the traditional male prerogative to freely engage in sex without having to assume responsibility for any putative offspring is a serious encroachment on male privilege, and they’re already feeling very embattled on that front already, as privilege after privilege keeps falling (albeit slowly) to the progress of women’s rights.
    There’s another, and more disturbing, facet to that privilege as well: It used to be (and still is, in many places in the world) a man’s prerogrative to decide essentially how many children his woman or women would have, depending on how fertile she was and how much her body could stand. However, aside from those biological factors, it was generallymen who determined how many children a woman would have, by determining how often he was fucking her. Women in general have historically had very little say in when, whether, and how often they were having sex with men, after all. Even now, one of the classic behaviours of an abusive man is to take away his female partner’s birth control (or refuse to allow her to use it, or use it himself), so that whether or not she has a baby (thus tying her to him forever) is essentially up to him. (And that is partially why completely invisible birth control, such as Depo-Provera or fallopian implants, is an urgent feminist issue.)
    Incidentally, I’m given to understand that Margaret Sanger became a birth control activist in part because as a young woman, she watched someone she knew (her mother, possibly) die in childbirth because, despite being warned repeatedly by various doctors that another baby would kill her, the woman’s husbandwould not stop fucking her. And she got pregnant, and she died. That was a radicalising moment for Sanger.
    Unfortunately, that is still not an entirely uncommon story. (And people wonder why Twisty Faster has this construction of the patriarchy’s viewing women as toilets.)

  2. I keep waiting for the repubs to make an “example” of the lady that just had 8 kids.

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