Now That Blogs Have Killed Journalism, They’ve Turned On Themselves

Hey, Rocky, watch me pull a new media outta my hat!

I’m surprised Athenae didn’t mention this; I suppose she’s been too busy lining newspapers up against the wall and shooting them.

But it is mysad gleeful duty to announcethe demise of Pajamas Media. Yes, apparently, offering shitty right-wing commentary on the events of the day and sending ignorant-ass Ohio contractors to play at being war correspondents is not a viable business model. (I know the TV part hasn’t died yet–but don’t fret. Instead, prepare the popcorn)

Guys and gals of Pajamas Media: The right-wing is not profitable. You dumbasses. You can’t go into business for yourself. You have to whore yourself out to a Mellon/Scaife/Moon-type sugar daddy (or mamma–we here at First Draft don’t limit opportunities based on gender). You’ve known this for some time. I don’t know why you’d try to fix something that ain’t broke. Speaking of things that are broke, by the way, did I mention that Pajamas Media has gone under? I did? Whew.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go relax in the Planned Parenthood Jacuzzi in the east wing of my Soros-funded estate. What’s that? You mean there’s no leftist equivalent of wingnut welfare? Damn.

Guess I’d better get ready for work, then.

UPDATE: I really should checkwhat’s been posted on the previous evening before I go sticking my virtual foot in my mouth. Sorry.

6 thoughts on “Now That Blogs Have Killed Journalism, They’ve Turned On Themselves

  1. Man, Soros gave you the Jacuzzi? I was supposed to have one and all I got was this metal washtub to soak my feet in. UNFAIR.

  2. No, no, Jude. It’s okay. Your post was snarkier and funnier. 🙂
    Explicitly right-wing media ventures that haven’t made any money…hmm… Considering all the whining the righties do about the free market and voluntarism and all that, you’d think they’d have a problem with the freeloaders in their midst. Has the National Review ever made any money? TheMoonie Washington Times never has, ever. In Canada, Lord Conrad of Whinyasstittybaby-On-Sea’s pet venture, the right-wing National Post (and its subsidiary “magazines”) have been losing money since Day One. RegeneryVanity Press never makes any money; their entire existence is subsidised by “bulk buys” from right-wing think-tanks who then give the books away. Anybody seen Fox News’ revenue statements recently? I suspect Fox TV makes money, and they’re more effective at pushing the right-wing line than Fox News is — hands up, those of you, who watch24 — but that’s another discussion.
    The catch is where are the original sources of funding?

  3. S’OK, Jude.
    This was one that savored just as well the second time I read it.

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