Quitting Time Booster Shot

I’ve been watching a little too much TNT lately and I’ve seen about 7,643,325 commercials for the new series “Leverage.” The series looks interesting, but it’s been bugging me that they’ve been advertising it as starring “Academy-award-winner Timothy Hutton.” OK, it’s true that he won an Oscar, but it was for“Ordinary People” in 1981. Isn’t there some sort of statute of limitations on how long you can trade on something like this? I mean you don’t have the folks at “Rescue Me” getting all nuts about “Academy-Award-winnerTatum O’Neal” (1974’s Paper Moon) or “Crank Yankers” promoting its “Academy-Award-winnerEminem (2004’s 8-Mile) If we’re doing this, let’s go grab Jennifer Jones and slap her in a series somewhere. I mean, hell, she won best actress in 1944 for “The Song of Bernadette…”

– About six seconds after I posted the item about Juicy Campus, I found this. I was right. Nature abhors a vacuum. Still, this is much, much better than JC, especially the post about the kid’s “Pee-do.”

Michael Phelps lost his sponsorship with Kellogg’s cereal after photographs with him doing a bong hit surfaced in a London tabloid. The Kellogg’s folks explained that his behavior wasn’t “consistent with the image of Kellogg’s” Really? How much money do you think the company is making right now off of people who smoked half an ounce of weed and are wandering through their local Pick N Save? And can we please stop calling this thing “a water pipe?” It makes it sound like swimmer’s training device. It’s a bong, OK? And even if it wasn’t, smoking it out of a pipe, a bong, a joint or a piece of fruit doesn’t make it more or less palatable to the public.

– OK, this kid has officially taken over the top of my “creepiest kids ever” list. I don’t think we’re going to come anywhere close to knocking him off any time soon, unless the kid from “Children of the Corn” makes a comeback.

– The next time someone at the local Gomer bar in my town asks me why the Japanese are kicking our ass at everything, I think I can pretty easily make the case that they it’s because they can do math. Or at least do it well enough not to bemissing several billion dollars

– OK, I get the “mama bear” thing that Michelle Obama is doing and she’s not wrong, but all this is doing is making the six people who own these things multimillion dollar ebay winners.

– If I have to die, which is likely to occur at some point, I want my last words to be something like “NOOOO!!!! BUSSSS!!!” or even “I think I’m feeling my bowels loosening.”I’m with Wolcott on this one: this “Morrie” et al phenomenon is doing nothing but putting pressure on me to die while helping teach people a lesson. Screw that. If I couldn’t help you for the first X years of my life, let’s not assume I’m going to pull off the miracle 3-pointer at the buzzer.

– Speaking of obits, these are at least ones you can laugh at. The one about the kid’s innocence and the Googling of “Dora” and “explorer” really gave me pause. Try it if you’d like and get back to me. This is a work computer. No way I”m getting fired in this economy just to see if he’s right.

Thanks for letting me share your air. Be back next Friday.


4 thoughts on “Quitting Time Booster Shot

  1. Google imgae search of “Dora” and “explorer” yielded 748,000 hits, the first ten pages of which were exactly what you would expect. After which I quit.
    Looks like BS to me.

  2. You’re asking me, “Will it be alright?”
    Because I’ve been around, I have the insight.
    And I was there the first time so I must know what it’s like.
    If you’re asking me, don’t take my advice.
    —Ray Davies, “You’re Asking Me,” Workingman’s Café
    As for “Leverage,” don’t bother. As someone who’s both a heist movie fan and has like a number of things Hutton’s been involved in, it’s just disappointing and formulaic.

  3. I like Leverage, it’s fun. They blow things up and beat up on corporate fat cats and other icky people. And it’s FUN dammit.
    John Rogers, writer/producer also has a neat blog. You might enjoy it, Doc.

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