Friday Ferretblogging: Stocking Up Edition

One of the funniest things about ferrets is that they’re like mad collectors. They take things, weird, random collections of things, and put them in a hidey-hole (or six) and if you move that stash they will panic, scramble all over re-collecting their preciouses and hiding them exactly where they were before.

Puck has an orange ball I don’t even dare touch most days because if he’s not the one in charge of it he actually chitters at me. Riot has a whole pile of things, including tiny stuffed animals and a newspaper he took a liking to:


Ferrets. Little weirdos.



6 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Stocking Up Edition

  1. A good life lesson. Put your favorite stuff in a box. Roll around in it. Scare off anybody who messes with it.
    Sounds like a plan.

  2. Ferrets have the magpie/packrat gene? This is a gene, it must be. Humans also have it– perhaps it is a mutation. It runs in families. My daughter has it from both sides. WHo can bear to throw a shiny pretty thing away?

  3. How true. My college roommate had a ferret named Sage. Sage absolutely coveted my red Chuck Taylors. I was constantly retrieving them from his little hidey-hole under the bed.

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