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  1. Hiya, Scout!!!
    Long time, no read.
    That was a good article by King. Most of the press that Favre got from the time he decided he wanted to play again was about how stupid he was, blah, blah, blah. I never agreed with that nonsense because, as King mentioned, Favre had just come off one of his best seasons in the NFL, one that ended up in the NFC Championship Game where his team lost to the eventual Super Bowl champs.

  2. that last season was good. maybe it would have been better if the packers just gave him 1 more year. but this probably got it out of his blood. now coach or teevee dude? i say coach.

  3. As an outsider and Bronco fan (who beat Favre in the Super Bowl) I agreed with the Packers in not taking him back. Who knows how many years he would pull that stunt of quitting in February and unquitting in July. It certainly did not help the long term fortunes of the Pack.

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