Good Morning!

Mmmmm…smiley coffee…

So what’s on your mind this morning? 

Could it be something about theshitty media narratives around the Democratic primary?

How about the fact thatboth Democratic candidates beat Sen. McCain in head-to-head polls? Kinda hard to write a negative story about Democrats with that little nugget, so don’t expect to see it brought up much.

The insanity that is thepermanent war in Iraq? (Youdo want to read that one.)

Maybe it’s that the oil and chemical companieswant you to breathe dirty air.

Or maybe it’s something more pleasant, likethe rearrangement of the tree of life. Turns out that comb jellies actually branched off from the rest of kingdom Animalia even before the Porifera did. Yes, I’m a dork. These things fascinate me. 

Really, what’s on your mind?

15 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. Hugo Chavez, FARC, and oil. That’s what’s on my mind. My middle son and I even consulted “Who Hates Whom” to try to figure out how much this should bother us, and that didn’t give us a definitive answer, either (I explained the AUC as “Imagine the Republican Party had their own private army”). My current guess is that Chavez figures that the finest possible way to tweak the US for being on the wrong end of an expensive lawsuit, is to undermine the government we support in Colombia (hurts him less than cutting off our oil). Total neener-neener-whatcha-gonna-do-about-it, behavior.

  2. I’d definitely chime in on the poor reporting for elections. Traditionally, it has been poor with coverage being X’s limo driving up and Y’s dog walking across the lawn (rather than doing any sort of in-depth analysis of the many issues).
    This cycle, it appears to have degraded into who wore a pretty coat,who at hotdogs, who tap danced, and who ran 2 BBQ grills at once.

  3. when do we declare war on the teevee gnews? when do we fight back at this so called ‘coverage.
    i have been trying to edjumicate my mom on hugo, who has been brainwashed about him.

  4. What I really want to do is finish up my desk so I can go walk among my trees. They’re blooming.
    My rose gardens are red with new growth. At year 12 I’m startled at how mature and established the lot looks, it’s gorgeous.
    I have a farking meeting in ten minutes, then the rest of the day. **sigh** My Dad calls me Farmer Joe, Jesus it’s fucked up to be inside like this when Spring is just about to start.

  5. Yes, the reporting has been atrocious. The whole Vicki whats-er-toes-banging-McCain story went freakin’ nowhere. Now the Hagee thing is going nowhere, while the damned Farrakhan canard gets rehashed every fifteen minutes.
    Honestly, what does it take to break this media-McCain clique? It’s like high school all over again–the popular girl gets all these people fawning over her, she disses them in public, and they still love her.
    Gawd, I bloody hated high school. The last thing I want to do is relive it in the process of trying to select the person who’ll be leading our nation for the next 4+ years. Do. Not. Want.
    paradox, I long for roses right now. We’re in that teaser for spring period–we get a day of nice weather and then five days of wind that leaves everyone ready to rip of their neighbor’s heads. April seems so far away.
    Excuse me, I have to rip off my neighbor’s head now.

  6. That photo’s kinda creepy… until you have your first cup. Then, it’s cute as hell.
    What does that say?

  7. That poll was of “adults”, not “likely voters” or even “registered voters”, so I wouldn’t read too much into it (though I like the result!)
    The picture is great.

  8. I’vebeen noticing how, not only do they both beat McCain in those polls, buteach of them alone beat all the Republicans put together, in Texas! Are the media rushing out to bring that to our attention?
    And, BuggyQ, the simplest straw poll on the matter, counting Google News hits, gave me 1,984 for the Farrakhan, 459 for the Hagee. Despicable.

  9. Randy –
    Because the Republican race was essentially over, comparing turnout – Dems vs Repulicans – in Texas and Ohio probably doesn’t tell us all that much.
    BUT… back on Super Tuesday, when there were active races going on for both parties’ nominations, the comparsions were (IMHO) much more telling. (I wrote these down the next morning, so they may have changed a little here and there since then)
    A couple of them:
    Tennessee – 611K for Dems, 547K Rep
    Oklahoma – 401K Dem, 319K Rep
    Colorado – 118K Dem, 56K Rep
    Georgia – 1046K Dem, 965 Rep
    Alabama – 563 Rep, 540 Rep
    If they don’t mess it up with in-fighting between now and then, the Democratic candidate is going to win huge in November.

  10. Robert: Yes, I did acknowledge that point in the blog entry; didn’t feel comments were the place for that much detail. It still seems rather remarkable, just because, you know, Texas!! Thanks for bringing those numbers up, though; I had a memory of their being surprisingly favourable, but hadn’t gone back to the specifics yet.
    BTW, Alabama, that 563 is supposed to be K and Dem, I presume?
    And yes, my attitude at this point, despite these numbers, might best be described as “guarded optimism,” with a pretty heavy emphasis on the “guarded”.

  11. What’s on my mind right now is mostly what’s in my mouth — thisreally, really superb Rose Pouchong tea from Fortnum & Mason (where the Queen buys her groceries, you know, how incurably posh!) that my boss brought me from England. (Have I ever mentioned that my jobkicks serious ass?!) I had asked him to look for some Twinings Rose Pouchong for me, and I didn’t get it. Needless to say, I’m blown-mindedly happy with the “compromise.” It is, as my one friend said, so good “the mouth wants more than the body can handle.”
    According to the linky, international shipping is available, and they have a violet version and a real lapsang souchong. I can hear my credit card whimpering already.

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