3 thoughts on “Did You Miss The Speech?

  1. …well, crap…
    Didn’t miss the SOTU speech; missed the crack van. Missed part of Jindal, and I’m willing to bet that by morning the RNC will wish that I and all those other vast masses of registered Independent Voters had missed ALL of that mess..

  2. Watched the SOTU speech last night, but not any followup.
    This AM, listening to NPR and the commentary, what really struck me was thatALL of the commentary that they ran on the speech was from Republicans.
    Is this a sign that the media is going into “OMG! He’s soooo inspiring and articulate he makes us look bad! Attack! Attack!” mode?

  3. Admittedly, after the last 8 years, I’d be ecstatic with a speech that had at least 2 verbs correctly conjugated.
    But let’s face it, one of Obama’s strenghts is his ability to provide an oration that inspires and unites.
    Oddly enough, back when there was a race for the dem candidate, I wondered if America had come to a point that being black or female wouldn’t push away too large a percentage of the electorate.
    Last night, I chuckled that it appears that a black man (or more accurately someone with many roots in so many “people of color” groups) seems headed to be the person that unites America.

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