The Hootie-Fu is strong, ya’ll

Top Chef finale tonight. Please FSM and all other deities in the firmament, send all the winner love to Carla, because Hosea is a passive-aggressive null set and Stefan is a pig. (Well, he’s like a pig but without the charm or taste.)

Our girl Carla, though, she knows that what the world needs now is love:

I believe that all of the emotions you are feeling when you’re cooking
food, especially when you share it with other people, go into the food.
I really do call love the secret ingredient because if you’re in a
happy place — if you’re happy about anything — it’s not just cooking,
if you’re happy taking out the trash, if you’re happy about doing the
laundry, you do a good job. When you don’t want to do something, you
don’t do it well. It’s as simple as that really. Cooking food is a
passion that I have and I enjoy seeing people enjoy the food and that’s
why I do it. My biggest fear was doing something I did not love. Being
40 and hating my job. So now that I love my job, everybody benefits. I
benefit, the people who eat my food benefit and it’s a great thing. I
think the country would be totally better; actually the world would be
very different if everybody loved what they did.

image via the hysterically transgressiveAmuse-Biatch

6 thoughts on “The Hootie-Fu is strong, ya’ll

  1. Unh unh unh GO CARLA! I admit, any of the final three would be just fine, but I really don’t think Hosea is that good, and Stefan is just a touch too full of himself. He’s a Chefinator, no doubt, but Carla’s got style and soul.

  2. Carla is one of those people that, if you had to work for or be around all the time, would probably be exhausting. I mean, most chefs are all about ego, they kind of have to be to do what they do. But her food is great, she’s entertaining as hell, and by gosh, people LIKE her!

  3. I actually wouldn’t be too upset if Stefan won since he seems to have superior food-fu. I don’t mind if you’re a dick, if you can also back up your dickitude with actual skills. Hosea, in addition to his stupid facial hair that makes me think he got bored halfway through shaving and just quit, hasn’t made anything all that impressive yet.
    Carla’s just flappy and funny and I loooooove her. And she’s been sweet to the other cheftestants, which is always a win.

  4. Amuse-Biatch describes the finale: Hootie Love vs. the Red Baron vs. the Stolid Mennonite Farmer from the Far Side Cartoon.
    I think a lot of Stefan is just psycho strategery and schtick but I cannot imagine him being absorbed into the Bravo/Top Chef cottage industry. What is the Stefan brand? You and your food suck and I don’t?

  5. I don’t hate Stephan. He was actually growing on me a little bit until he busted out the uber-dick mojo in the last episode. Hosea is such a weiner, I hope he totally screws the pooch in the finale. But I gotta go with Hootie Hoo!
    And an aside for A – I briefly got into BSG at your suggestion but due to Netflix issues stopped about half way through season one. I decided to give it another try and have watched every disc nonstop as soon as I get them in the mail. I am half way through season three. Awesome show.

  6. bdub, yay! I mean, yay in the sense that it kicks your teeth in, but it’s such a beautiful show.
    (I’ve done that with some books I really love: Started, stopped, and then went all WHOA OMG DEVOUR the second time around.)

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