Nobody Could Have Predicted

Thatprofessionally-full-of-fail conservative John Ziegler would bea lousy date.

Ziegler opined about relationships and in a nutshell, he thinks women
are foolish. He believes marriage should have contracts that come up
for renewal and review every five years. Isn’t that romantic?

When he said, “I realize talking about women and being rational is an oxymoron”, that did it.


7 thoughts on “Nobody Could Have Predicted

  1. But he’s lowering standards for other men. Thank you, thank you, conservative marriage pundits, for make the rest of us look good.

  2. So is this guy actually married? To a woman? If so, why hasn’t she shot him yet? If seated onthat jury, I could not convict.
    Shorter Twisty Faster by Proxy: Men hate you. This one particularly.

  3. Oh, the joy of ambiguous participles! We’re all assuming he means “To say that women are rational is an oxymoron.”. But that’s not what he says. Check it out:
    I realize [that] “[me] talking about women” and “[me] being rational” is an oxymoron.
    In other words, he can’t be rational when talking about women. Which he seems to demonstrate quite nicely in that article, huh?

  4. Clearly, the winner here is the lady from Long Island (and probably her other date as well). Kinda looks like this guy got into the gig for the Benjamin.
    Sad, really. Just one Benjamin.

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