Play from your fucking heart

Bill Hicks died 15 years ago tomorrow.

Rather than try to answer the unanswerable question of what he might think or might be doing if he was still around, I intend to celebrate what he did while he was here, and the difference he made. Join me, won’t you?

Meatspace tributes are scheduled in London, Austin, Portland, Oklahoma City, Buenos Aires and possibly elsewhere, with proceeds going to theBill Hicks Foundation for Wildlife Rehabilitation, a nonprofit which aids in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of orphaned, ill and injured Central Texas wildlife.

And wherever you are, you can participate inBill Hicks Day on Twitter:

a day for Twitter users to post comments, quips, remembrances, musings, ponderances, jokes, and anything else Bill-related…a day devoted to the moments that remind us all of Bill, such as when we hear a news story or notice something in pop culture and wonder “What would Bill say?”…a special day to share with everyone your favourite Bill rants and truths, and to remember Bill’s vision…a day to tweet Bill’s quotes, your thoughts, links to Bill sites, links to sites that you think Bill would approve of or condemn…in short, a day to squeegee your tweeter!

And don’t forget to hashtag those tweets: #billhicksday.

2 thoughts on “Play from your fucking heart

  1. I was not aware of Bill’s work when he was alive, but my wife, who knew him slightly in his last year, turned me on to his amazing body of work.
    How we could have used Bill during the Bush years. He knew that whole psychopathic family for what it was, years before any of us realized they were anything more than just icky conservative New England bluebloods.
    Then again, his head probably would have exploded the minute Junior stepped out of that fighter jet with his codpiece stuffed with socks.
    Wherever you are, Bill, I salute you. Genius is a word thrown around lightly these days, but you really were fucking brilliant.

  2. I worked at a comedy club in Chicago from 1989-1992. I got to see Bill twelve times a week/four weeks a year for three years. That made everything else about the experience worth it.

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