I Confess, I Confess

It was me! I killed the journalism!

Remember the DABA Girls? Late last month the Web buzzed about their blog, Dating a Banker Anonymous,
which bills itself as a place for Wall Street women to vent about how
the financial crisis has killed their love lives. (“If your monthly
Bergdorf’s allowance has been halved and bottle service has all but
disappeared from your life,” this is your site, the homepage cheers.)
Populist outrage followed the publication ofa credulous profile in the New York Times,
and was furthered with the news last week that the DABA girls have
signed with big name agencies in Hollywood and New York
publishing—United Talent and Janklow Nesbit, respectively. This has, of
course, renewed rumors of a book, a movie and maybe even a TV series
based on the blog. But even after a full turn of the media world —NPR has raised doubts about the site’s authenticity and the New York Times was forced to defend its story— the question remains: are these girls for real?

not really, as Newsweek found out in a recent interview. Sitting in a
West Village coffee shop near her apartment, cofounder Laney Crowell,
clad in jeans, snow boots and black pullover, says that what the Times
described as a “support group” of about 30 women is actually a
full-blown parody — and it’s at least partly fictionalized. There is no
real support community, no regular meetings and the blog is written by
Crowell and her lawyer sidekick Megan Petrus, who concoct entries out
of a mixture of their own experiences, stories of people who email the
site, and anecdotes of girls they meet socially. They don’t fact check
the emails, or the gossip, and the posts are embellished and
exaggerated for added laughs. At times, details are plucked from thin
air to give the stories a satirical edge.

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6 thoughts on “I Confess, I Confess

  1. You know what bothers me about all this?
    The whole, Book deal and Movie! Stuff.
    Were’s my book deal? It’s because I don’t live in the land of NY or LA. We just don’t got it going on in the book movies stuff. Hurumph. The only publisher I talked to said, “Nobody reads books anymore, they are just a method to get you PR.”

  2. Spocko,
    maybe you need to write about the problems of all those rich people around you, and how, despite their losing large percentages of their inheritan- err, uh… their wealth, they can still be lovable, and happy, and yes, dammit, sexy.
    Watch the book, movie, and musical theater offers flow down like water.

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