Marching to a Different Beat


David Vitter seems bent on disproving that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and the TSA seems ready to lend a hand.

That said, prominentState Democrats don’t seem to be in any hurry to take up the challenge–to date the only serious candidate to hint at a run is theeven more appalling Tony Perkins (I’ve got nothing againstStormy Daniels and would probably vote for her if these were the only choices; however, on a more serious note, I believe Ms. Daniels is less running for office than she is promoting herself.)


Not to gripe too much, but this is an unfortunate side-effect of years of the DLC-type strategy that ceded so much territory as “Red State” without offering any real fight: anational laughingstock andutter buffoon likeDiaper Dave stands a damn good chance of getting re-elected in 2010…and he could be the seat that denies the Democratic Party a filibuster-proof majority.

Of course, we could hope that Dave has a full-fledged meltdown one day, perhaps when security denies him a boarding pass on the basis of “prohibited liquids” in his carry-on, but I guess that’s wishful thinking.

5 thoughts on “Marching to a Different Beat

  1. No chance Mitch Landrieu would be interested in running? I know a brother-sister act in the Senate would be strange, but there’s no place like Louisiana for nepotism, and FSM knows the Senate is a place that thrives on near-incestuous relationships.
    What about Marc Morial? Or the gun-toting Harry Connick Jr.? (I’m sure Orrin Hatch would love to have a fellow recording artist in the Senate.)
    I’m only half joking about that last one – Louisiana needs and deserves a high-profile Senator that can kick ass and take names and keep Katrina recovery in the spotlight (in a non-Nagin way).

  2. I wish Mitch would run and think he’d have a legitimate shot, even with older sis as senior Senator. The depopulation of New Orleans doesn’t help, but Vitter’s such a cretin…
    As for Connick, Jr., I actually knew him, though not all that well, when he was a nerdy little kid. Don’t know much about his politics, and doubt he’d really be interested, of course.
    Minus Mitch Landrieu, I can’t really think of a single high-profile Democratic candidate–the DailyKingFish link makes it pretty clear Melancon’s not interested, neither is Cazayoux who’s probably second-tier anyway. Kathleen Blanco mentioned some interest, but the (largely underserved) beating she took post-flood shipwrecked her political career.
    Laff–maybe Edwin could run from his jail cell–he could use something like “I never had to pay for it” as a slogan…

  3. Vitter: “Don’t you know who I am?”
    Guard: “I’m sorry, sir; I didn’t recognize you without your diaper and your whore.”
    (I think I initially spotted this at Think Progress.)

  4. feingold was just a state senator and slipped in between the incumbent returd and a congressman. a live democrat will do.

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