‘Taxes Are Stealing’

Cause and effect, bitches:

So, yes, this sucks and it’s going to alienate some people from the
museum. But if you’re angry because the Art Institute isn’t free, or as
cheap as the Louvre, blame the man my brother-in-law spotted outside
the museum on his last visit—the one wearing a T-shirt that said “Taxes
are stealing.”


4 thoughts on “‘Taxes Are Stealing’

  1. Sue says:

    Well, it costs money to keep those lions in Christmas wreaths, Bears helmets and Cubs/Sox hats. And you get to see those for free, so quit griping.

  2. mdh says:

    If youy earnestly believe taxes are stealing then you must admit that walking down the sidewalk is trespassing.

  3. pansypoo says:

    the anti-tax/government crowd needs their sevices cut/ drowned in a bathtub.

  4. joejoejoe says:

    This is OT but the Chicago Public Libraries have ‘Great Kids’ museum passes available for checkout that give you free admission to most Chicago museums for up to 4 people, as long as one of them is a kid.
    You check the pass out like a book and then return it to the liberry.

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