There was irony in Stewart pressing Cramer on his failings as a
financial journalist. Remember when journalists learned that “The Daily
Show” was a source of news for many young adults?Stewart insisted he was not a journalist, just as Cramer has insisted he is a commentator.

Can I yell for a minute? Will you still love me if I yell?



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  1. Well, thank God Jon Stewart has freed us from the tyranny of Jim Cramer.

  2. Well, you know, Cramer DID appear with some ‘broadcast journalists,’ who basically commiserated with him about how unfair the whole MSNBC controversy was and let it go at that.
    Here’s the problem: Television personalities who read the news and do stand-ups outside the White House are NOT journalists. They’re TV and print media personalities who are far more interested in playing up to their sources than they are reporting the news. Who can ever forget the sainted Tim Russert’s earnest statement during the Libby trial that he always considered everything a source told him as off the record unless the source agreed it was otherwise? Or Judith Miller? That’s not journalism; that’s gossip. When CNN or MSNBC or NBC or CBS or ABC finds some actual journalists–Murray Waas and Charlie Savage come to mind–and let them report actual news stories I’ll start paying attention again to their reporting.
    But until then, apparently comedians like Jon Stewart and David Letterman are the only ones on my TV machine who are willing to ask actual tough and substantive questions, as opposed to the personality-driven drek (Obama’s hair is turning gray! Michelle’s arms are bare! Rush’s ratings have doubled!) we are inundated with that passes for news. From MSNBC cheerleading the destruction of the world’s financial markets to the MSM cheerleading the Bush Administration’s shredding the Constitution (and deafening silence on serial lawlessness) ‘journalists’ have a lot to answer for. It’s very depressing.

  3. The thing that’s really funny about that comparison? Even Stewart as a comedian is a better journalist than most of these guys. Being a comedian does not preclude you from including real information in your comedy. And Stewart takes his job a lot more seriously (in terms of public responsibility) than Cramer ever has.
    Part of Jon’s frustration and anger in that interview comes from the fact that he *is* a comedian, and he’s finding himself in the uncomfortable position of having to teach the “journalists” how to do their fucking jobs.
    Mr. BuggyQ and I kept stopping the Tivo while watching the interview, a) so we could give ourselves a break from squirming for Cramer (who’da thunk I could feel empathy for that schmuck?) and b) to stare in wonder at each other that we were watching this. It was like watching Edward R. Murrow take down Joe McCarthy (yes, a small scale Joe McCarthy, but the point stands)–you were watching somebody with the balls to stand up and say, “Enough. Stop it. You’re fucking up America, and it has to stop.”
    A thing of beauty.
    (Also, my favorite tidbit from this? Later in the segment where Cramer was on Martha Stewart, he was talking to her about the upcoming interview on TDS, and said something like “I’m not going on there to be a doormat. Do I look like a doormat to you?” Well, Mr. Cramer, after watching the interview, I can safely say, Yes. Yes, you do.)

  4. I think Europe calls them ‘news readers’ or ‘news presenters’ and that’s a good way to look at most talking heads. It’s a skill to present information clearly and in an appealing manner, even if you had fuck all to do with generating that information. I think US TV confuses the roles of ‘news reader’ with ‘journalist’. Communications vs. Journalism is a lot more interesting debate than Journalism vs. teh Blogonets or whatever.

  5. watching the daily show ADDS to your IQ instead of it going to ‘special’ when watching am teevee gnews.
    not pandering to the largest common denominator is a very good thing.

  6. Of course, one supposed role of the court jester was to tell the truths which no one else could.

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