‘Teabag the White House’

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3 thoughts on “‘Teabag the White House’

  1. Okay, I’m gonna ask a potentially stupid question, but this has been bugging me all week. The whole exchange between Geithner and Libby (now there’s a fraught name) was jarring to me. It was like hearing a kid who got a $75,000 car from his parents tell them, “Yeah, I wrecked it. Now give me another $75,000 to buy a new one. Why? Because otherwise you’ll have to drive me around a lot.”
    Okay, I get that AIG is big. I get that there are huge sums of money involved here, and I get that AIG is part of what is keeping the whole house of cards from collapsing completely.
    But here’s my question: so what? What if AIG goes down, and the whole house of cards collapses? What then?
    I feel like we’re being held hostage to a worst-case scenario that may or may not be realistic. I haven’t heard anybody really explain what would happen if AIG went under, if all these contracts were broken. That’s a case that Obama needs to make if he really wants people to continue to back Geithner and Co. Because right now, it seems like they’re just saying “Oh, okay. Here’s your $75,000. Try not to wreck this one.”

  2. What then?
    Then we release all the non-violent pot-smokers from jail to make room for these far more dangerous sociopaths who have left an actual swath of destruction across the country.

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