5 thoughts on “North Dakota Flooding

  1. Thanks A.
    The outpouring of support from within our state has been amazing. We’re kind of considered to be “out in the sticks” up here, and we kind of are. It’s appreciated when folks “on the outside” help out and show support, too.

  2. Chet, should we send stuff someplace other than the Red Cross? Is there a relief agency local to you that we can help out?

  3. Why don’t we deploy a military bomber to drop a bomb on the ice dam and break it up?

  4. weren’t they gonna do that? oy, snow and flooding. that is cold. i just got snow water from a big bucket in milw and that water was fucking cold.

  5. The Red Cross is probably the best place to send stuff.
    They flew in an explosives expert and blew up the ice jam a few times to get the water flowing on the Missouri River here in Bismarck. (I’ve got a youtube video of some of the explosives work on NorthDecoder.com now.) We think/hope we’re okay now, though we’ve got another big ice jam upstream everybody’s watching very closely.
    Though nobody is taking their eyes off the river here in Western N.D., everybody’s more worried about our friends in Fargo on the Eastern end of the state. They’re probably going to be in trouble. Highest river level since the 1800s. They’ll be sandbagging through the night tonight. I’ve got lots of friends out there. Keep your fingers crossed, or pray, or do whatever works for you, for them, for me.

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