A Note to the ‘Hope He Fails’ Chorus

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Bobby Jindal repeated the ‘hope he fails’ mantra earlier this week at a $2500 dollar a plate fundraiser.Fred Thompson awoke from his nap long enough to gum on a cigar and add his own amen. Somewhere, Rush Limbaugh snickered…

Meanwhile, across the country, tent cities have sprouted like weeds, the definitive legacy of the last administration, which DID fail–uterly, totally, completely. An administration supported by people like…JindalThompson…andLimbaugh.

You’d think the degree of failure might shame these people into a measure of silence (to their credit, Bush himself and Condolleezza Rice have taken that route)…but you’d think wrong. And I guess it helps to have amedia that’s been carrying GOP water for so long that they rush to the defense of…Dick Cheney.

You know, maybe it’s just me, but when I see Dick Cheney smugly preening about how he and George managed to “keep the country safe” after 9/11–perhaps THE most ghoulishmulligan ever, and of course there are the anthrax attacks so conveniently swept under the rug–I think about the shipwrecked economy, or the trashed Constitution…or 8/29 (i.e., the flood–the closest thing we’d get to a dress rehearsal of some sort of attack)…or the open-ended wars daily costing us lives and money…and I wonder:

Why do they need to attack us again? Bush-Cheney did a bang up job all by themselves.

And the people who supported them–Jindal, Thompson, Limbaugh, et al, should be treated with the disdain they deserve. Their leader, and his system were DISCREDITED…completely. They’ve had enough chances to try again. They failed.

Why do they get treated with any measure of respect?

10 thoughts on “A Note to the ‘Hope He Fails’ Chorus

  1. Occam’s razor says that they just like it when government fails. They want Obama to fail, and they liked Bush, who failed.

  2. Dumb Question:
    How many people have died in poverty / tent city since 9/11? -vs- how many folks died in 9/11?

  3. MapleStreet,
    It’s not a dumb question, at all.
    I am going to ask you to narrow it down, though.
    Do you mean people living within the borders of the US?
    What causes of death (e.g. exposure, illness, injury) do you intend to include and exclude (e.g. drug overdose, homicide)?

  4. Republicans like to “put things into perspective.” So here’s some perspective: During the eight years of the Bush Administration, an average of just over one civilian a day was killed by terrorists in the United States.

  5. Other Sarah,
    I was talking specifically about excess deaths of those in tent cities who die of conditions associated with tent cities / poor sanitation / etc.
    But as you imply, a higher death rate among the poor, period, because of lack of healthcare is also a possibility.

  6. Au contraire… I think the Bush administration succeeded. Its primary goal was to discredit government and show that it does not work and that the best government is one that does little to nothing. It succeeded all too well. And they got to start a war to boot. Nothing like a war to give a government long-lasting deficits.

  7. And, please don’t think I agree with what the Bush administration did. I’m very much opposed to everything they did. I knew from the beginning that his becoming president would be a bad thing. I just think that so many people decry his administration’s actions as being incompetent when they were achieving their main goal to do nothing and to prove that government can’t do anything.

  8. I agree with PurpleGirl 100%. Damn near everything they did was by design. The Bush Regime had no interest in actually governing.

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