It’s All About Them

Not that we ever doubted it, butDougJ points it out:

It’s interesting because most of what he says is right, but also
interesting because, as is typical of Moran and his ilk, all that
matters is the conservative movement.

But, yes, I think that
we are at the point where we should laud conservatives for reaching the
conclusion that unabated batshit craziness is a bad thing, even if the
only reason they believe it’s a bad thing is that it hurts the
conservative movement.

Right. Not that it’s bad for the COUNTRY, or that lots of people will get dead if enough morons take Beck seriously, or even that at its most benign Beck’s clowny bullshit does nothing to help anybody, but because it harshes the massive buzz conservatives have on after losing every election imaginable including one to a comedian.

It staggers me that these people don’t think for one second before they open their Interweb traps and start wittering on about how being lunatic shitbags brings down the whole vibe, man, we’re just trying to dance here and you’re committing a party foul, or something. As usual with professional conservatives, it’s not the lies that bother me, it’s the truth.


One thought on “It’s All About Them

  1. all you need to know about Glenn Beck is that he thought a woman who was walking home in NYC after dark deserved to be raped an murdered, and he yakked about that on his Voice of the Sewer radio show for a week.
    That anybody takes him seriously is a measure of how deeply crocked the conservatives’ “movement” is.

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