This is the Future, Y’all

I’m not finding myself with a lot of sympathy for Meghan McCain’s discovery that a lot of weaselly creeps who have made money off being assholes in public fora turn out to be … weaselly, creepy assholes, but I have to admitthis is a good line:

It’s really scary when the guy who houses hisinmates in tents in the summer and whose most visible public-relations success involvespink underwear, boxers, and handcuffs tells you to tone it down.

Unfortunately she then goes on to deplore the reporting of what she Twitters, which … EVERYBODY CAN SEE THE INTERNET. For fifteen years this has been true. If you’re creeped out by people reposting your shit, then lock your updates or don’t Twitter at all.


2 thoughts on “This is the Future, Y’all

  1. Until you mentioned Twitter, I thought maybe she had learned something.
    That … application … is a plague upon the nation. But I think Atrios is right. Conservatives love it ’cause 140 characters doesn’t cause a stack-dump in their teeny brains.

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