Today on Tommy T’s Obsession With The Freeperati – Journalism support edition

Ok folks – before we get silly, a serious note.
Athenae started the ball rolling early last week, asking First Draft readers to fund two student journalism projects.
Both were funded completely by the end of that day (?!?!?!).
I didn’t get to contribute because my bi-weekly pay day wasn’t until last Friday.
So –wander over here and look at this one –not only are the students concentrating on blogging, but on becoming critical consumers of media. Could anything be more important than teaching your students how to separate spin from reality by comparing what multiple sources say about the same events and divining the truth? The class also teaches the use of the HTML tools of the trade as they apply to Journalism. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is also matching our funds on this one!

I’ve already made a donation – please join me and help fund this very worthy enterprise.
And tell ’em First Draft sent ya.

Ok –now we can get our iso suits on and crack open the airlock door. There’s plenty of oh-so-mockable insanity at the house of Free Republic!

First up –Michelle charms, Freepers imagine leg humping!‏
…because that’s just how they roll.

Michelle Obama charms queen away from protocol

Associated Press ^

| 4/2/2009

Posted onThursday, April 02, 2009 1:09:51 PM byIndian_Fighter_Kite
LONDON – Michelle Obama’s meeting with Queen Elizabeth II began with a handshake and ended in a hug.
first lady arrived Wednesday with President Barack Obama. After
separate meetings on the eve of the G-20 summit, the couple attended an
evening reception for world leaders hosted by the queen.
Obama clearly made an impression with the 82-year-old monarch — so much
that the smiling queen strayed slightly from protocol and briefly
wrapped her arm around the first lady in a rare public show of

So – the Hug Heard Round The World is seen by people (even the English Press, who normally show as much compassion as a Piranha) as a touching moment, when an American First Lady was granted the first public display of affection by the Monarch in 57 years, and returned the hug. Music swells, and the credits roll. Sweet, surprising, and touching.

Freepers? Not so much.

To: Indian_Fighter_Kite
Where’s the double bagger barf alert?

posted onThursday, April 02, 2009 1:10:43 PM
(If only those who speak so eloquently on the rights of animals would do so on behalf the unborn)

To: Indian_Fighter_Kite
I think Mrs. BO should have fist bumped the Queen. Now THAT would have been a story.

posted onThursday, April 02, 2009 1:11:00 PM
(No Representation without Taxation !)
To: Indian_Fighter_Kite
I am vomiting uncontrollably right now…

posted onThursday, April 02, 2009 1:14:33 PM
Apparently, into your keyboard.

div class=”EC_a2″ style=”margin-left: 40px;”>To: Indian_Fighter_Kite

Michelle Obama looks like Donkey Kong.

posted onThursday, April 02, 2009 1:15:13 PM

Ah, Freepers – nothing if not classy.

div class=”EC_a2″ style=”margin-left: 40px;”>To: Reagan69

Nah. Chest Bump, followed by repeated fist pumps and a “Woof Woof Woof!”. “Yo Q! Where’s Charlie at?”
(hangs head in shame)If I saw this on the news, I’d not be surprised.

posted onThursday, April 02, 2009 1:15:54 PM

That’s because you’re an imbecile.

div class=”EC_a2″ style=”margin-left: 40px;”>To: Indian_Fighter_Kite

Not to be too gross, but if Michelle had
dry-humped the Queen, the Drive-bys would’ve also said Michelle
“charmed her” to allow it.

posted onThursday, April 02, 2009 1:17:11 PM

Well, everyone can’t be as charming and erudite as the denizens of Free Republic.
Or their dogs.

Lots more after the jump, gentlepeople, so let’s go to it.

5 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession With The Freeperati – Journalism support edition

  1. MapleStreet says:

    How do you stand it Tommy?
    Ya know, I never knew that freepers cared so much about protocol and the British Monarchy. I thought that was settled in 1776, or there abouts.
    And I still say, which is more believeable – that two teenage lovers in the same house were abstinent, or not?


  2. Aloe vera is a liberal plot.
    I did not know that.


  3. hoppy says:

    As I recall Aloe Vera was a classmate of mine back in grade school… my memory aint what it used to be though.


  4. Tommy T says:

    First of all, thanks to the FD readers who have donated!
    Some thanks from the wonderful Ms. DeWitt:
    Tommy gave 2 days ago
    “I’m challenging the readers of the heavily-populated-by-journalists blog to invest in your mission to make critical thinkers of students, and Journalists out of those critical thinkers. We know you can do it!”
    The Teacher, Ms. D. 2 days ago
    “Thanks, Tommy! My students and I really appreciate your donation and that you’re spreading the word.”
    Margaret gave 19 hours ago
    Joy gave 18 hours ago
    “I gave to this project because…I am a Journalism Major. With the internet making things so much easier- it’s important to remember the written word and how to use it. ”
    Vaughn gave 18 hours ago
    “I gave to this project because Tommy asked us to support it, on First Draft.”
    The Teacher, Ms. D. 17 hours ago
    “Thanks Margaret, Joy, and Vaughn! My students and I are really excited to have support from First Draft.”
    Mary Kay gave 12 hours ago
    “I gave to this project because developing a critical eye on journalism will make these students better citizens of the world. I also like the fact that my donation would be matched by the Gates Foundation. Double the progress toward the goal!”
    Well, $285 down and $252 to go! The LCD projector will stay in this class when the students graduate, and class after class of prospective critical thinkers will get the benefit thereafter.
    Everyone asks me how I can stand preusing Free Republic …easy – I just skim the surface of the compost heap. I know what sets them off, and what brings the crazy bubbling up to the top. If I had to read every post in that cesspool, I’d go up with the windowshade. The only thing that takes a lot of time is editing the threads down.
    I know that the Editor in Ms. Athenae cringes at the length of my posts, but so many of the gems at FR are replies to previous gems that I have to include more of them than my own inner Editor approves of.
    And Kibitzer – there are indeed State sub-boards on FR – they’re places where Freepers can gather and perform their own community organizing (supposedly a secret handshake is involved).
    This community organizing consists mostly of bitching about how bad things are in their state rather than their Country.


  5. Elspeth R says:

    Tommy T, “supposedly a secret handshake is involved” – actually, it’s more likely the ancient and venerated teabagging ceremony… 😉


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