Swine Flu: The Internet’s Fault

Seriously, CNN:

Some observers say Twitter — a micro-blogging site where users
post 140-character messages — has become a hotbed of unnecessary hype
and misinformation about the outbreak, which is thought to have claimed
more than 100 lives in Mexico.

“This is a good example of why
[Twitter is] headed in that wrong direction, because it’s just
propagating fear amongst people as opposed to seeking actual solutions
or key information,” said Brennon Slattery, a contributing writer for
PC World. “The swine flu thing came really at the crux of a media

I had my hands full killing journalism. Now you want me to kill, you know, pigs, and people? I’m one not very energetic girl, here. Gimme a break. Also:Embedded video fromCNN Video


2 thoughts on “Swine Flu: The Internet’s Fault

  1. if only we had more socialists. milwaukee got out of the 1918 flu with i think around 20 deaths. OMG they closed our BARS!!!! but we had it orderly done. time to post our getting out of the crash of 1929 with barely a scratch.
    YAY! socialism!

  2. So is there some kind of Darwinian natural selection for computer gamer junkies, eating cheetos in their parent’s basement while playing Doom?

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