A National Conversation About Race

Remember when the Chicago Tribune was gonna have one?

“[T]he Trib . . . managed to do something I thought impossible in
the year 2009 in the city of Michelle and Barack,” Lowell Thompsonwrites
in a letter to the paper today. “Its staffers had written a whole
magazine titled ‘Art in Chicago’ without a single image of or by a
black artist.”

You can bet that if the entire magazine featured black artists without a single white person, the editors would have noticed.


4 thoughts on “A National Conversation About Race

  1. Obama tried to get a national race discussion going under the flap with Rev. Wright. I was disappointed that the people of the USA didn’t take up the idea.
    OTOH – in parallel with the Torture investigation, if we just ignore the racial problems, couldn’t we just ignore it and let it resolve itself? The blacks were so happy in the 50s when the N-word wasn’t considered offensive. And now we’re talking about Black, Asian, Mexican, etc. making the situation so much more complicated.

  2. In September 2007, I visited Chicago.
    One of the first museums I visted was the DuSable Museum of African American History. I really liked it.
    They’ve filled a whole museum which of the kind of art the Trib has overlooked.

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