Today’s Cabloid Follies

First we see CNN’s David Mattingly being attacked from 2 camera angles by mean fish.

Then Fox News is shocked their producer was able to call and get a hostage on the phone in the midst of being held hostage (hmm maybe they picked up the phone thinking it was a hostage negotiator?)


Fox was so proud that their producer “was able to generate so much information” via her super duper producer power of “just reading into it” as well as being able to see through the phone as to what was “possibly” occurring.

(Length: 2:40)

9 thoughts on “Today’s Cabloid Follies

  1. Ohhhhkay. Let’s step through the second half of that lovely clip for a moment (I believe the first half speaks for itself):
    A producer calls the bank after they find out there’s a hostage situation. She gets a hostage on the phone. And then she asks if she can speak to the hostage-taker, and sounds so disappointed that the guy said no.
    Can I safely say that now any time there’s a hostage situation from here on out, there’ll be 6000 producers calling every freakin’ phone number in the building, effectively cutting off any phone access for, say, hostage negotiation teams? And possibly annoying the heck out of a hostage taker who, by definition, is a person on the edge of killing lots of people?
    Helen Thomas on a pogo stick, what the fuck is happening to our news people?

  2. That is so totally awesome. I think this is like an episode of Robocop. Didn’t he do something like this?
    Oh that’s right he just went in and using his infrared vision busted through the walls and took the hostage taker out.
    Why can’t the producer do that? That would be super duper producer.
    Now back to Chopper Cam one and the low speed Paris Hilton chase as she goes back to jail with our Eye In the Sky, Capt. Paul. Then stay turned for weather with Sunny Storm and sports with Lefty O’Doul

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