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Good reporter. Have a cookie. At 7:28 in, Andre Showell from BET points out that, you know, some parts of America have been in a recession for half a damn century, while middle-class white people pretended they didn’t exist, so let’s have some economic recovery that actually helps them this time around:


3 thoughts on “Best Question

  1. I don’t think that was Obama’s take-away from this, unfortunately. He seems to be ignoring the fact that high levels of unemployment among the chronically poor are not going to be alleviated by COBRA insurance plans and unemployment benefit extensions. Hell, myown unemployment benefits ran out last year, that was after they’d already been extended, and I’ve only been out of work for two years.

  2. Interesting question with a well-put point.
    The President’s response was OK, and addressed the question somewhat. But similar to darrel plant, I didn’t think it was a great answer. I hope the President thinks a little more about it.

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