Someone Bring Me A Sword

I’m at a conference in Atlanta this week (love your city, Atlantans!) so this’ll probably be my only post today, and a week-late one at that. But I couldn’t pass this one up. My favorite Glenn Beckism yet didn’t get nearly as much attention last week as I thought it should have (it got drowned out by the Sotomayor nomination). But you should see this, because this time, Glenn really brought the funny:

The Empathy of Solomon

For those who don’t want to sit through the trainwreck that is Fox and Friends, Glenn asked rhetorically, and I quote, “Was Solomon empathetic when he said ‘cut the baby in half’?”

Dear Glenn, when an agnostic who never attended a single Sunday school class in her life understands the Bible better than you do, perhaps you shouldn’t quote from it.

Then again, where would all the fun go if you stopped? Please, Glenn, tell me what you think Job was all about. And that whole, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…” thing. C’mon…please?

7 thoughts on “Someone Bring Me A Sword

  1. [facepalm]
    I’m convinced that Beck is completely scripted, and solely for “effect.” There is no way someone with that level of cluelessness could be out and about on their own, right?

  2. First, whilst in Atlanta, drop by Limerick Junction Pub in Virginia Highlands. When I lived there that was my favorite bar.
    Also, Glenn Beck is a comedian and should never be thought of otherwise.

  3. and, if you’re in Va Highlands and are in need of a great cup of joe, head down to the San Francisco Roasting Company … ahhhhhh, now that’s a damn fine cup of coffee …
    however, if you’re looking for a good watering hole in which to talk politics, there’s none better than Manuels Tavern (just across Ponce de Leon from Va Highlands)

  4. I’ll go you one better — I’m an atheist with a name that wouldn’t sound out of place in an all-white country club, and I’ve read that story in Hebrew. And the answer to “Was Solomon empathetic when he said ‘cut the baby in half’?” is yes, since he wanted the prostitute (zonah) who was actually the baby’s mother to take him.

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