Could Somebody Introduce Wingnuts to Sarcasm?

Good Lord, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone miss the point so aggressively.

The point, by the way, was thatshooting people in church on Sunday is now being defended as a perfectly understandable response to feeling kinda bummed your political views aren’t adequately represented in government, but that holding an anti-war protest was tantamount to selling nuclear secrets to the Soviets not too long ago.

It’s so depressing to have to explain everything to them.


12 thoughts on “Could Somebody Introduce Wingnuts to Sarcasm?

  1. It’s like trying to describe color to someone blind since birth. “Liberals felt excluded from decision making in Washington, protested peacefully and were vilified by conservatives. Conservatives now feel excluded, some have turned to murder as a response instead of peacefully protesting, and conservatives are not vilifying but rationalizing it.” It seems almost impossible to miss. So OK, green is like – when you look at your lawn…when you look…aw fuck it.

  2. The really, really pathetic thing is that Dennis thinks he really gotcha with his update. I can practically see him taunting the computer screen with his cheeze doodles. “Ha, take that, librul grrl!”
    What a sad, funny little man.

  3. you know, the peasant appears to want to stay that way.
    wish it luck for me. I won’t darken its hovel entry again.

  4. Dan,
    To bring it back on topic, the geology community demands that one has the right to scream “Drill, baby, drill!” only when one admits that the earth is much, much older than 6000 years, evolution happens and that CO2 production does have a negative effect on our polar ice caps and developing countries.
    Furthermore, speaking on behalf of the Indian-American community, we demand royalties each time the term “macaca” is used, even in an acronym.

  5. “yes virginia, we do have to pay for our proflgacy.(OMG! i spelled it right!)”
    Um, no, you didn’t.

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