6 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. Awesome graphic. The next time someone at work asks me what to do about Afghanistan, I am going to send them this!
    PS – does the sound come thru too?!

  2. ThingsI wish I had written (via):

    Quality journalism is expensive, and to the extent that it provides a public good, we will find ways to fund it. But top-heavy, poorly run, arrogant-to-the-bitter-end media companies? This istheir crisis, not our crisis, and it certainly isn’t about journalism.

  3. Political musings, old magazine ads, bits and pieces of graphic design miscellany, and photos and thoughts on life out-of-town–I know the combination makes no sense, but that’s what I do. You can click the categories on the right to narrow down the subject matter.

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