Quitting Time Booster Shot

“Have fun,” A told me when we discussed the guest gig.

OK, so here are some random thoughts garnered during a flu-induced, NyQuil-driven, holy-crap-my-back-just-went-out-on-me-too day on the couch:

– Can we call for a moratorium on these ads while I’m trying to watch the playoffs? I want to explain to my kid what a bunt single will do in a tie game in the seventh inning, not why the guy in the weird tux is leering at his Stepford Wife or what this group of “excited” band mates are singing about.

Then again, maybe there are worse things to be inundated with…

– Why is there a direct relationship between how sick you are and the dearth of decent TV on during the mid-afternoon? I’m unable to get off the couch and even with 200 channels, there’s nothing to watch. Seriously, THIS was scheduled to run just before “Days of Our Lives.” (It didn’t actually run; there was instead a skin-care ad. Guess everyone’s being hit hard by the financial situation in this country…)

– Speaking of colons and infomercials, the Hannity/Palin/McCain interview finally has been unveiled. Fortunately for the electorate, Hannity stuck to his roots as a serious journalist:

Hannity: And on top of all the other responsibilities of being vice president, and that means national security, and all the other issues.

McCain: Could I just interrupt for one second?

Hannity: You can do whatever you want.

– As for the rest of the interview, this should give you the gist of it…

OK, back to the couch. See you next Friday and thanks for having me.


7 thoughts on “Quitting Time Booster Shot

  1. Ha – just read Simmons column this week, he did a mailbag, somebody asked about explaining the Viagra ads.

  2. Doc, have you seen a doc? Docs do serve a useful purpose, you know. So, Doc, see a doc.
    BTW, Welcome to First Draft.

  3. And don’t forget that the person who brought ED to TV commercials was good-ole-repub-family-values Bob Dole. Did you really want to know that about him? EWWWW
    BTW – love the wording
    Internal cleansing has swept across America…
    The idea of a flash flood is quite scatological.

  4. During the Super Bowl, one of my coworkers’ kids turned to him during a commercial and said “Daddy, what’s a reptile dysfunction?”

  5. People who actually take baseball seriously make me extremely nervous. Baseball is like golf without Tiger in the lead, only good when you have a hangover, since nothing happens. Quadruple that during the playoffs. Give me hockey or give me the day off, or something.

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