Let’s Give Up in Advance

Then we can kick back and say it was impossible all along, and nobody will have to do anything that’s going to put them out one inch, and we can all watch Diagnosis Murder re-runs and organize our fucking recipe boxes.Jesus Bugfuck Elvis CHRIST:

The choice is emblematic of the challenges facing many news
organizations across the US. They’re coping with the recession at the
same time that readers and advertisers are migrating to the Internet –
where, fair or not, there’s an expectation that what you read should be

vote at the Globe is also complicated by resentment at what some
employees call the “bullying tactics” of The New York Times Co., which
bought the Globe in 1993. There’s also some outright anger that,
according to the union, management has not been asked to make
comparable sacrifices. That’s led some media analysts to conclude that
union members will ultimately decide against management’s offer,
risking a more uncertain future.

But hovering over the debate is a larger question: Is there a future for a traditional, major metropolitan newspaper?

there’s nobody in the union who thinks, ‘OK, if we approve this deal,
we make the sacrifices now, but we’re guaranteeing our survival and
there’s smooth sailing,’ ” says Mark Jurkowitz, associate director of
the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism in
Washington. He’s also a former ombudsman at the Globe. “What we’re
seeing here is that: ‘Even if we accept this offer, what is the future
of the paper?’ That’s the big unknown that’s hovering over this.”


But staff members in favor of the concessions say they don’t see the reasoning behind a no vote when, in the long run, it
could lead to the closure of the paper.

But that’s the point, isn’t it? If you don’t threaten closure, if you don’t act as if there is no other choice, how on earth are you supposed to get concessions in the first place? Oh, readers and advertisers are migrating to the Internet. Sure. Okay. I’m not kidding, is it only readers here who are paying attention to the fact that in spite of this not-so-great migration, newspapers are making money hand over fist? That their profit margins are bigger than Wal-Mart’s?

The established reality in journalism is that newspapers are dead, over, finished, the Internet is the new hotness and we’re all just waiting for Steve Jobs to come along and make a thing that will make it all better. It’s so ingrained in people’s minds that arguing the point at all gets you the kind of looks people give UFO enthusiasts and the more rabid fandoms of the obscure Star Trek franchises. It is literally like arguing with Bush supporters from 2003 all over again: You’re telling them about reality and they’re staring at you like, “Take it back, and fuck you for mentioning it at all!”

It seems, finally, that the Guild has found somethingit won’t roll over for, though, so that’s a welcome sign.


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  1. Diagnosis:Murder is a very popular show. In Hell.
    I assure you, giving up in advance is what got me where I am today.

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