It’s Always Their Fault

Okay, seriously, I think we’ve reached peak moron:

KOGO Radio’s morning man, Chip Franklin, has been arguing with me
for over a decade. I wait for his producer’s call every Monday morning,
never quite sure where we’re going to go.

We were wrapping up today’s show, talking about shows that jumped the shark, when I abruptly changed the subject tothe sentencing of Euna Lee and Laura Ling overnight to 12 years of hard labor by a North Korea court.

As I tried to express my outrage at their sentencing, Chip
interrupted to say that Ling and Lee were “irresponsible” and had “put
300 million people … at risk” by daring to go anywhere near Kim
Jong-Il country.

You know, there is no injustice to which people are subjected that radio talk show nutballs cannot explain away by smugly asserting that it was simple dumbassery that got them screwed over. I’m not even arguing the facts of this case, simply noticing the pattern: Something shitty happens, and clearly whatever it is, it’s the fault of the person it happened to.

I’m surprised somebody hasn’t suggested Lee and Ling sell some bling to buy their way out of prison.


3 thoughts on “It’s Always Their Fault

  1. A much more valid commentary on the jailing of those two women is the treatment of people at GITMO, which is fully comparable to their treatment in N. Korea. That is one of the real evils committed on this country by little George. We no longer have any moral standing to object to this kind of treatment of our own citizens by other countries. Next, of course, will be the torture of American military personnel as POWs in other countries. Little George should be cursed by every American.

  2. Unfortunately, I agree with what Pansy said – though I don’t want to admit that we are so dumb.

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