6 thoughts on “The Internet

  1. Admittedly, I am blissfully unaware of Chicago politics.
    But doesn’t this somewhat blatantly put the paper on one side of a political debate – basically turning the paper into a political committee?
    I realize that newspapers often endorse a candidate in an election. I realize that newspapers are supposed to expose scandals. But this just seems to go even beyond the Faux News political machine.

  2. It’s just so juvenile and unprofessional that I’m astounded at the depths that Athenae takes in her efforts to destroy journalism. There’s plenty of ways of calling him a total and complete liar and maybe a puppet as well without resorting to that.

  3. This might sound dumb, but not really sure what the fuss is about – seems like a not-funny op-ed cartoon married to a poorly-conceived stunt. Newspapers are almost exclusively unfunny these days, so I guess I’m not super surprised? It’s a drop in the bucket compared to Maureen Dowd? Happy to be corrected if I’m missing something.
    I talked with a media-critic colleague, and all he could figure for objection is that Burris is an easy target by now. Admittedly I’d feel better if someone at the Trib besides Kass was going hell for leather against a bigger foe like Daley.

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