Friday Ferretblogging: Bingo Edition

No, really. Ferret bingo.Apparently this is a thing:

BINGO fans are familiar with seeing two little ducks…but two little ferrets?

Yes, a new craze is sweeping across Leeds, and it’s sure to bring the house down!

and teachers at Wortley High School held their very own ferret bingo
tournament as part of the I Love West Leeds festival.

Ferrets named Hemp and Caster were the stars of the show as they wriggled in and out of a very special ‘bingo’ machine.

The concept of the game is simple. A large box with various ferret-sized numbered tunnels is set up.

An animal is placed inside the contraption and bets placed on which tunnel it will emerge from.

At Wortley High School yesterday pupils went mad for the game – and even more so for the participants.

We gotta try this. Maybe as a fundraiser for the ferret shelter.

And here, because you are all insatiable, is a picture of Riot playing with the box my shoes came in. Ferrets: Cheap dates.



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