They Don’t Really Want This


We didn’t win the White House, House and Senate to ask Chuck Grassley for permission to do stuff.

Readingthis, my first reaction was to get really, really, really tired, because we have done this before. We asked these assholes to do something very simple for us in exchange for getting them elected and they fucked it up in an effort to appear nice to Republicans for no reason at all. Nothing will change, except that people will be forced to pay for something that doesn’t work, will cost them in the long run, and might even kill them, either directly through denial of care or indirectly through poverty.

Wait. I think I just became a Libertarian.


Withthis, I had much the same reaction:

WASHINGTON – Early work on the ambitious health care overhaul the Obama
administration is seeking has exposed the kinds of in-house fights that
typify just how hard it will be to get meaningful legislation this year.


This reminds me of the journalism debate, it really does, where the national conversation is premised on something that is patently dishonest (the Internet is killing newspapers!) but so widely accepted that arguing the point makes you sound like a lunatic insisting the earth is flat. That’s kind of how I feel about this. Start from the point everybody starts from in this argument (the bill needs to be bipartisan! Democrats need Republican votes!) and you’re already down for half the count. Argue that Democrats don’t need Republican votes for this stuff and you’ll get the kind of look people give the guy on the corner with the “THE END IS NEAR” sign.

It is a question of will here. The president is wildly popular. A “public option,” which most people seem to take to mean government-run scary-ass socialist health care, is wildly popular. As to how we’ll pay for it, well, let’s take the approach we took to the war and say we’ll figure it out. People say they’re worried about the deficit the way they say kids should eat their vegetables and candidates should stop negative campaigning, now pass the Doritos and my opponent is an America-hating traitor. These things are very much supported and wanted. Everywhere but on Capitol Hill.

And to be honest, a lot of the bellyaching lately from the Senate Democrats about how hard it is for us all to get along is starting to fucking piss me off. This isn’t hard. Trying to get health care is hard. You can’t just make some phone calls to your friends and convince them of something and then you get to see a doctor for your longstanding, chronic problem that is uncovered by your rapacious carrier. But you can just make some phone calls to your friends and convince them of something to help those people. Nobody in the Senate will die if people disagree and are mad at each other.

Plenty of people, though, plenty of poor people, plenty of middle-class people, plenty of sick people, will die if disagreement is more important to prevent than their deaths. Suck it up, and figure it out, and quit bitching to us that it’s hard, because we’re not that stupid. We can count. Fifty-one gets you what we told you we need. That’s your job. Go do it.


11 thoughts on “They Don’t Really Want This

  1. Plenty of people, though, plenty of poor people, plenty of middle-class people, plenty of sick people, will die if disagreement is more important to prevent than their deaths.
    As far as the right is concerned, the deaths caused by killing health care reform are deaths in the name of fighting socialism. They are accustomed to others fighting their wars for them anyway.

  2. Too many Democrats are owned by insurance companies. Max Baucus, for starters, is utterly owned by those companies. Once the Democrats backed away to let him “lead” on this issue, we had already lost.
    This is apiece with the DCCC and DSCC party yesterday, where they required all lobbyists to show up with $5000 for them. Obama kept his virginity by leaving before the carnal activities began, but knowing what was coming makes him almost as guilty as the Congressional employees of those lobbyists.

  3. I’m glad that the dem majority with dem president started operating under the intention of seriously coming together as adults and operating in a bi-partisan manner.
    I’m glad that Obama considers to hold his open hand out to welcome meaningful interchange.
    However, until the repubs change, at some point you have to realize that your good intentions and good actions are being manipulated and abused in stalling maneuvers which are preventing much needed business from being conducted.
    The repubs say they want govt to operate as a business. Well if someone in my business embarked on the stalling and bullying that the repubs do, I’d have to toss them out on their ear. After all, would I let a couple of whinny babies throw tantrums which stalled the business and eventually would lead to the business not doing anything (other than failing )?

  4. more reason to have the speeple up in arms DEMANDING what THEY want.
    i sent a comment to the whte house last night.

  5. I’m tired, too. Moreover, I have that nagging feeling that I should have known all along this would end with a mandatory plan that actually makes things much worse for people.

  6. We need another party. We need the GOP to finally go belly up, have the survivors midrate to the Democrats – which won’t pull the party much farther to the right than it already is – and for a full throated liberal party challenge it.

  7. I said a year ago that it didn’t matter who won the general, we’d still be in for Bush’s 3rd term, given who the parties were going to run.
    I’m tired too. Sick and damn tired of a Democratic “leadership” that cannot act, will not push for issues important to their voters, refuses to grasp that being in charge means taking responsibility.
    I think we ought to throw ALL the incumbents (except maybe Joe Biden, who hasn’t pissed me off yet) out on their ears and start over. Isn’t the whole of the House up for election in 2010? Isn’t a third of the Senate up for election in 2010?
    BETTER Democrats.

  8. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I really, really hope you get some decent, single-payer, government-run, whatever-they’re-calling-it-this-week health care out of all this. I’ve lived in the U.S., and I think thatnot having it is really screwing the country up. Having people stay in jobs they hate, or turn down better ones, simply because the health care in their current sucky job is better than it would be in the new one? Ugh…I must say, the blatant corruption on display is making me really tired, too. So glad I don’t have health insurance as a worry anymore.And here’s alink, in case anyone wants to be able to blow away that whole “Canada’s health care system doesn’t work” canard. Or just get a good feel for how it works up here, warts and all.

  9. I called John Kerry’s office to complain about the lack of consideration of single payer and got a giant yawn.
    Despite a Democratic majority, the agenda and discussion is STILL being set by the Republicans.
    What does a voter have to do to get any respect in this country?

  10. Not sure who you think has 51 votes. There are 51 Democrats, but only possibly 30 of them are anything other than Republicans in D clothing. And frankly I’m only sure of Feingold.

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