Your Goal

Grassleybecomes a bigger asshole every single day:

Iowa Republican Senator Charles Grassley said on CNN that the Senate
Finance Committee is “dialing down some of our expectations” of the
legislation in response to an estimate by the nonpartisan Congressional
Budget Office that earlier options under consideration would cost $1.6

“Our goal is affordability,” said Grassley, who is the top-ranked Republican on the finance panel.

Well fuck shit goddamn, our goal is to not have more people essentially assasinated by economics, how about that, Chuckles? Our goal is not to make the program the cheapest possible half a loaf it can be so it sucks enough for you to declare that national health care is a failure and can’t work. Our goal is to actually try to help people, you know, and if that costs a couple trillion dollars, so did your party’s war, so don’t come crying poverty to me.

Your goal is affordability. Yeah. It would be.


4 thoughts on “Your Goal

  1. (Pelosi) + (budget reconciliation) + (50 votes + VP Biden) + (President Obama’s signature) = universal affordable coverage with a public option. Everything else* is some deep steaming bullshit.
    * – what the stupidest 50 assholes in the Senate think

  2. $1.6 trillion in tax cuts for the wealthy? Absolutely no problem. After all, who other than rich people deserve to pay less in taxes?
    $1.6 trillion to pay for universal health care? Are you fucking nuts? We can’t afford that! Do you know how much money $1.6 trillion is? It’s a stack of dollar bills as high as…well, it’s pretty damned high which conclusively proves we can’t afford it!

  3. Let’s assume that Grassley is correct in saying the goal is affordability (while keeping the govt out of health insurance).
    To make it affordable using the current system, doesn’t that mean that the govt is gonna have to jump in and tell the pharmacy industry, the docs, the hospital industry, the insurance industry, etc. how to run their business?
    If he doesn’t micromanage them, how is he gonna make care afforcable?
    He seems to miss the idea that while the market may work great for optional items, healthcare is a common good.

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