25 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Already have a dog and two sweet cats…but my son is now angling for a turtle. The ferrets his enrichment class teacher would bring to his class occasionally really captured his heart, and, since “Ratatouille” he’s eyed mice and rats whenever we head to the pet store. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t considered them, myself.
    Stories about hedgehogs by a children’s author named Jan Brett have also elicited some questions about ’em. I pet one at the zoo recently, and it felt like a little plastic hairbrush. It was also very, very cute. Perhaps, if they had a better disposition and I could really give one the attention it needs, I’d get one.

  2. He-Man’s tiger.
    Who doesn’t want a to ride a giant, green and yellow tiger.

  3. Oh hell, a dragon, hippogriff, wolf, tiger or polar bear. Granted, other than the wolf none of these would fit in my apartment, but still, think of how safe you’d be and warm too.

  4. I want a horse. I used to have one, but had to give him up because I didn’t have the time. Now I’ve got lots of time, but no way to ride. 🙁

  5. I would like a horse. A nice, big, warm horse who would be my friend and carry me here and there.

  6. I’ve got to admit to a terribly overactive Dr. Doolittle fantasy life.
    I’d love to have a big cat. Even a semi-larger cat (saw a movie from Finland Poika ja Ilves about a Finnish lynx. So pretty) – but knowing how strong my 15 lb cat is with a playful swat, I can’t imagine dealing with anything stronger.
    I also have reptiles. One I would love to have is a Thorny Devil from Australia (look it up on google images – Moloch Horridus as a name should give you an idea of how cute they are). Only problem is that they have extremely specific dietary needs that they are even difficult to keep in their native Australia.

  7. A kyree, from the Mercedes Lackey books. They are sentient, so I’m not sure pet is really right.

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