How It Began

Michael Jackson, who died today at 50:

The guy’s been a comedic punching bag for decades, but quite simply,
he was the greatest pop star of all time. The media is sure to be
saturated with tributes, gossip, virtual vigils and gallows humor. I’m
going to remember MJ as I’ve always tried to in the face of his bizarre
tabloid life—as a stunning, unparalleled soul prodigy.

Listen to “Big Boy” above. Jackson recorded that, his first single,
at age 9. I just reached out to Gordon Keith, owner of Steeltown
Records, who produced that first MJ recording in 1968. Keith had this
to say from his Gary, Indiana, home.

Mr. Keith: “I’m shocked…I’ve been praying for Michael for a long time. Boy…this is…terrible. This is blowing my mind.”


2 thoughts on “How It Began

  1. Yeah, all I can think of is MJ up through “Thriller” – his (and the rest of the ‘5’) music and dancing to that point just were such a part of my early life through my teens. Heck, we learned his moves for routines in our high school drill team. I still know the “Thriller” dance from the video… I’m just gobsmacked.
    May he, Farrah and Ed rest in the arms of the Goddess, may their families and friends know peace.

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