3 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. I’m amazed at how fast Mark Sanford has dropped off the radar. As much as the public (and press) loves a good scandal – Sanford’s claim that he went to Argentina to strengthen his marriage(in defiance of his wife)and convicted by God he spent the time in his mistress’s city, just seems too inane.
    If he wanted to spend some time thinking, he has strongly held on many occaisions, the best place would be working on the family farm (which oddly enough, he describes returning from the farm as getting back to civilization – seems kind of derogatory to the coast).
    However, being from SC, it is easy to predict that this won’t die. By being somewhat of a small government ideogogue, he has not only upset the dems, but also the repubs who are used to smoozing business for contributions.

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