Today’s Term Is “Conflict of Interest”

Here’s to you, JB Van Fucking Holland

Republicans: Predictable as the tides.

If there’s an election coming up, that must mean there’s aRepublican asshole trying to keep people from voting. The Republican asshole in question is Wisconsin Attorney General JB Van Hollen, who you can tell is a douchebag because he goes by his initials rather than his name.

And, well, here’s where we get to the conflict of interest.

Also today, critics accused Van Hollen – a Republican serving as the state co-chair of John McCain’s presidential campaign –


Yeah, he’s a schmuck. Also, in the article, they say that this law could affect one million voters. There are some 4.2 million people over age 18 in Wisconsin. So this would affect (not necessarily disenfranchise) almost a quarter of eligible voters in Wisconsin. As not all eligible voters are registered, there would be a larger percentage among that group.

And who might be in that group? Why, anyone who has moved or registered to vote since January 1, 2006. And who might make up a large part of that group? Young people and college students. Finally, just who might those young people disporportionately favor in the upcoming election?

So, yeah. JB Van Hollen: Fuckmook of the Week.

UPDATE:Mark Penn should be considered a co-Fuckmook of the Week. Just read that fuckin’ thing, then write Senator Clinton and suggest that she demand her money back. After kicking that little shit’s balls into his chest cavity.

12 thoughts on “Today’s Term Is “Conflict of Interest”

  1. Just wondering–was there a change in the on-site voter registration in Wisconsin? When I lived up there I tended to move annually–the dreaded August 15th mass migration–and I’m pretty sure I just re-registered on every election day prior to casting my ballot.

  2. My biggest disappointment in the current Congress is that even knowing the 2000 and 2004 election questions, even knowing the YouTube videos showing how to hack an Electronic Voting Machine, etc. etc.
    Nothing has been done to insure the integrity of the ballots. Absolutely Nothing !
    I don’t see how democracy (republic) can exist without the secure trust in the auditable validity of the elections.
    Just think what will happen if the current Presidential election is extremely close and appears to have been stolen. Palin is drumming the beat that the chance for a Woman has been stolen from Hillary – and the results of Clinton vs. Obama were enough different to avoid the appearance of impropriety despite problems such as Michigan and Florida.
    Just imaging a repeat of hanging Chads in Florida and all non-WASPs seeing that their opportunity has been intentionally stolen from them.

  3. If you’ve registered to vote since Jan 06 in WI, it would behoove you to bring along some proof of residency to the polls demonstrating you’ve lived at an address in the district where you are voting for at least ten days prior to the election. Examples of the kind of proof—driver’s license with current address, public assistance card, utility bill in your name, copy of a lease or a dorm assignment.
    A group of lawyers put together a group called Election Protection in 04, manning toll- free telephones on election day helping people find their correct voting place and telling them what proof of residency they might bring along.
    But the point again–since this lawsuit is meant to toss folks off the registered voting rolls, be ready to register again, on site. You don’t want to stand in line, find out you’re not listed, have to go home and get proof, and stand in line again.
    If you don’t know where you’re supposed to vote, call your city or town clerk. Or ask your local librarian. Don’t wait until Nov 4th.

  4. It’s funny that we often hear people gripe about how “nobody votes anymore” and yet the people who DO register and who ARE interested get yanked around to the point where they have to wonder if it’s really worth it. Is casting a ballot worth it?
    To answer that question: It is.
    Bring your mail, your ID, your blood type and a tube of blood and urine (and semen if you’ve got it) if that’s what they require of you. Push BACK against these folks who seem to view each vote not as a democratic right but as a piece on the chess board that only they are allowed to control.
    We never really seemed to care much about the outcome of elections like these. It was the local level that mattered most and the presidential was pretty much decided before we got to the polls, regardless of where you lived. I remember watching the Mondale-Reagan debacle and, shit, that thing was over in about May. We were always told “your vote counts” but we never really believed it.
    In 2000, we finally figured it out. Maybe my vote didn’t count (wasn’t in a swing state) but a hell of a lot of elderly folks who inadvertently voted for Pat Buchanan found out that their votes counted. We found out that every vote was worth something and that the outcome of that election swung on whether or not someone could read a butterfly ballot and which crony of which asshole of which party got which job four or five years before that election.
    Now is the time. Not one step back.

  5. Anyone remember Kenneth Blackwell, George Bush’s 2004 campaign chair for the State of Ohio and Secretary of State! Yes, there was a similar conflict here and a lot of our votes were NEVER COUNTED!!!
    Somebody has to stop this kind of shit.

  6. Regarding Mark Penn, I’m not seeing much in why he’s a fuckmook. He’s giving his opinion, he’s not speaking il of the Obama Campaign. He’s cautious about the issues regarding his handling of the Republican attack machine, but I’m not seeing anything that would indicate that he’s downplaying a Clinton vs. Obama stance.

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