Veto Proof water bill

Good news…

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic leaders in
Congress on Friday sent President Bush a veto-proof bill to authorize
spending $23 billion in water projects, having waited more than a month
to request his signature on a measure he has threatened to veto.

Democrats have more than the two-thirds majority
votes in both chambers of Congress needed to override Bush if he vetoes
the bill. The Senate passed it on Sept. 24 by a vote of 81-12; the
House passed it Aug. 1 by a vote of 381-40.

An override would mark the first such loss for Bush and could cast him in a more politically vulnerable light.


The legislation authorizes $3.6 billion for major wetlands and other
coastal restoration, flood control and dredging projects for Louisiana,
a state where coastal erosion and storms have resulted in the
disappearance of huge areas of land.

2 thoughts on “Veto Proof water bill

  1. According to the official FEMA courses on dealing with disasters, a disaster is divided into 4 phases. One of those phases is what you do to prevent the disaster from happening in the first place.
    In short, from your description, it sounds like this bill is straight out of the official FEMA / DHS and should be a no-brainer.

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