Strip Lieberman

Lieberman is threatening to leave the party again.Kos says this…

I WISH he’d bolt, but he won’t. He has more influence doing his
periodic threats. I wish Reid would simply strip him of his committee
assignments and bid him adieu.

I agree and especially regarding Lieberman’s chairmanship of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Hillary Clinton recently introduced legislation to “restore FEMA to an independent, Cabinet-level agency, with an
administrator who would report directly to the president and have
authority to take whatever action is necessary during emergencies.”

This is a much needed change yet Lieberman has said in response that “he “personally would do everything” he could to fight any legislative attempt to do so.”

Not only will Joe not admit it was a mistake to fold FEMA into DHS, he will actively fight Clinton’s effort to correct the mistake. Joe is no help to the Dems but more importantly he is no help to the American people. Kos explains the former and this comment, from an emergency manager left at the link cited above, explains the latter…

The US only risks more suffering because of the misplaced pride of 2
senators who refuse to admit their mistake of placing FEMA in DHS. It’s
baffling that people repeatedly fail to see how the one mistake that
resulted in the Katrina failure began with the dismantling of the
effective Federal emergency management support system James Lee Witt
built in the 90’s. The key to FEMA’s success during those years was
almost singular – the director had the president’s ear. Today, FEMA is
merely the stepchild of a security-focused agency, when it’s main
purpose is public safety. Please people, where do we think DHS’s
priorities lie? Take FEMA out of DHS – that way, FEMA can respond to
natural and technological disasters when they occur (and they will
occur), and effectively respond to terrorist attacks when DHS fails to
stop them.

Update:Firedoglake and Crooks and Liars for more on stripping Lieberman

10 thoughts on “Strip Lieberman

  1. Yeah, get rid of the bastard. The single vote majority obviously doesn’t count for shit, since there’s really only one party anyway (all hail the corporate state), but at least there’d be the satisfaction of seeing him in the company of idiots like Coburn and the rest.

  2. Setting aside the Leiberman aspect of the post, is it really that obvious that FEMA should be outside of DHS?
    Certainly, FEMA during the Bush Administration has been a disaster. But is that a consequence of moving it to DHS, or is that the general consequence of the overall awfulness of the Bush Administration? That is, wouldn’t FEMA’s performance likely have been as terrible as an independent agency, still within the Bush Administartion?
    Under competent administration, I think FEMA being a part of DHS makes a lot of sense. We just haven’t had a chance to see how that would work out in the real world (not having, you know, competent administration).
    Just my uninformd two cents.

  3. People need to learn to count! If Lieberman switches to the GOP, the Democrats no longer have the majority needed to organize the Senate. Lieberman is the vote that gives us that majority. It would be different if the ailing senator from North Dakota(?) were back in the saddle, but he isn’t.
    I agree with Robert, above, FEMA will be ineffective no matter where it is located in the organization, until the Republicans can be voted out of power. Under a competent and moral Democratic administration it won’t matter where FEMA is located – it will be effective. As usual, we have met the enemy and he is named Bush.

  4. FEMA is irrelevent. Apparently even Hillary Clinton isn’t aware of the May 9Executive Order that gives all power to the President during emergencies. Define emergencies, you say? Go read it.

  5. I don’t care what anyone says about Joe. I live in Connecticut, I voted for Joe and I’ll keep sending him back to Washington becuase he is someone of honesty, integrity and guts. If this still is a representative democracy then I believe the voters in Joe’s state are the one’s who count – not the Dem. leadership or the other spoiled sports in this country.

  6. Steve, yes, I cut down that cherry tree! I cannot tell a lie, I did it.
    Seriously, I’m sorry you aren’t bothered that Lieberman lost the Primary election, but chose to ignore that decision by the voters and ran anyway as a sorta Republican, winning with a solid Republican majority. I do, however, agree 100% that it is only up to Connecticut to determine who their senators are.

  7. Great catch on that GovExec article. I can only hope Tom Allen ties Joe Lieberman around Susan Collins neck in the ’08 election. Pro-war and incompetent is a tough sell to Mainers when talking about Collins but having Joe Lieberman always around agreeing with her should make it easier for voters to figure out.

  8. Note to Steve: Yes, you and your fellow Connecticut voters get to decide whether to send Joe back to the Senate.
    But that has absofuckinglutely NOTHING to do with whether Reid lets Joe keep his committee jobs. Those are based entirely on which party has control of the Senate and what they choose to do with that control.
    Last time I checked, the Senate was under Democratic control. And Joe wasn’t a fucking Democrat. Those two facts should be enough for Reid to strip Joe of any leadership he has in the Senate.
    Sorry Steve–my invective isn’t meant for you. It’s meant for Joe. I hope you recognize just how unbelievably childish Joe has been ever since Ned ran against him. My feeling is, the minute your senator starts to act as though he’s entitled to his position, you should throw the bum out.

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