Can I Get a HELL YEAH?

This is one of the best, most sensible things I’ve read about the newspaper “crisis” in months. Way to be, Post-Tribune. Fight for what’s yours.

In Gary, it’s inspirational. “Can a newspaper work as an ESOP?” asks a FAQ on the new Web, then answers, “Yes it can,” and points to the Blethen ESOP as evidence.

To getPost-Tribune
employees behind an ESOP bid, the guild reminds them they have nothing
to lose. “How much worse can it get?” Grimm asks. He tells me the
working assumption is that sometime this fall “we’ll have a new owner
and the company [the Sun-Times Media Group] will cease to exist—that’s
what we’re told. And that new owner will come in and things will change
around here. Whatever we can do to have a say in who that owner is, or
to have that owner be us, we’re going to do it.”


3 thoughts on “Can I Get a HELL YEAH?

  1. Of course, it has to be done right. A front based on an ESOP is what Zell used to murder the Tribune company…

  2. The nitwits at Sun-Times Media Group seem determined to flush away the suburban papers when the Sun-Times itself inevitably disappears into toilet bowl. Maybe new owners will let the Post-Tribune go, but current management is convinced the world revolves around Orleans.

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