Nobody Ever Wants Less


Scout sends this over:

In London, the Saturday editions plop on your porch with the
weight of a white paper on Afghanistan, except that they’re full of
color magazines and free offers. You think: Did I drink too much
Friday night and sleep all through Saturday? They look like American
Sunday papers, fat and overstuffed, even with news. Then Sunday comes
around, and it all happens again, more heft, more color magazines, more
scary stories saved up for brunchtime.
The UK
newspapers have maintained a quaint tradition of competition between
the daily and Sunday editions of the same nameplates, under the same

Shearer goes on to say there’s no UK version of HuffPo, but … again, I don’t think that’s why people still read. I think people still read because newspapers provide information they want. I don’t think it’s harder than that. People will go anywhere and do anything for something they want. People didn’t start looking for news on the Internet because it was free or even cheaper (erm, TV, radio, etc), they started looking for news on the Internet because there was news on the Internet they wanted.

You don’t win more by doing less, giving less, and doing it publicly, bitching about how you used to be this colossus but because of your sucky readership not readin’ no more you can’t give them anything to read (oh, and your profit margin’s better than WAL-MART, which you also tell everybody, because you lost the ability to listen to yourself years ago).


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  1. People move to the internet because of the predictability of corporate/state media. In london the news seems fresher because there are more voices to read.

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