It’s All About Sex

Ignore for a moment the homophobia, the misogynistic condescension, and let’s just focus on the overall suck:

You don’t see straight guys “hanging out” with their lesbian
friends. The straight guy who walks into a dyke bar is an unwelcome
presence, and may be asked to leave.

Women hanging around the gay disco, however, is a very familar phenomenon. And the belief of some women that they have aspecial friendship with their gay male friends is a myth.

Let me disabuse you ladies of your naivete: A reasonably attractive
young gay man has no problem getting with two or three guys a night.
And that’s if he’s really picky. (ReadAnd The Band Played On,
by Randy Shilts.) So when some lonely, frustrated woman wants to hang
around with gay guys because it’s the only male companionship she can
get, she is recognized for the truly pathetic loser she is.

In this guy’s estimation, people can’t be friends no matter WHAT their sexual orientation is. It doesn’t matter if you like men, women, some of each, all that matters is that unless you’re trying to get with that there’s no reason to even talk. Lesbians don’t have straight male friends? Straight chicks only hang out with gay guys because they’re desperate for male attention? There’s no other possible explanation, like, say, they’re human beings who like talking to each other and going to baseball games and bars and shit?

This guy probably STILL quotesWhen Harry Met Sally at parties to explain why no woman except for his wife will be seen within 50 feet of him. People can’t be friends, silly, they have to want to fuck each other. They have to fit into some Sex and the City category where you’re either bestest girlfriends EVAR, sleeping together, or in it for the shoes. I swear, half the relationship commentary I read these days, I want to ask if the writer knows any humans or has just learned about them from the TV beamed to his planet.


10 thoughts on “It’s All About Sex

  1. Dammit, I have movie/dinner plans this weekend but my companion is a straight guy. Now I have to cancel!

  2. I swear, half the relationship commentary I read these days, I want to ask if the writer knows any humans or has just learned about them from the TV beamed to his planet.
    Srsly. It’s like they think women and men speak entirely separate languages, live in separate places, and only meet to mate.

  3. Oh, that’s just funny.
    It does remind me of a fun story, tho: Mr. BuggyQ has developed a sort of entourage of lesbian models he works with. So, at his last show opening, he wanted to introduce me to one, who happens to be one of his best models. In a roomful of people, he says, “Hey, I want you to meet my wife! [BuggyQ] this is [model], you know, my lesbian girlfriend.”
    Everyone in the room had that look you get when you’re watching a car crash about to happen. I’ve never had so much fun with a handshake. We were both grinning from ear to ear. Wonder what Robert Stacy would make of that?

  4. Hm, so when I as a straight guy am hanging out with my lesbian friend I am really at home watching TV? Interesting.

  5. God, back when I was young, pretty and dumb, I hung out at the gay discos because:
    (1)I wanted to dance to club music and I was a trained dancer. It was safe for the most part.
    (2)I was not shopping for a relationship or friends. I wanted the mirror balls, strobes and the fog machine.
    (3)I got to see RuPaul.

  6. i just had lunch at the gay bar cause it had the best food.
    i guess it was wrong to be friendly with everybody at art school…

  7. All the straight women I know who go to gay bars go to gay bars with their gay male friends because they feel safer at the gay bars than they do at regular bars — nobody hits on them and won’t take no/go away for an answer, gropes them, acts like an ass in order to try to get their attention, and all those other obnoxious things bar-hopping-age guys tend to do when they get drunk.
    Everyone in my circle of friends who goes to bars goes to the gay/lesbian bars in town because the drinks are usually cheaper, the clientele is usually a little older (i.e. the place is not full of drunken frat rats and sorostitutes — this town has a college and a university, for a total of about 40K students during the school year, and the drinking age here is 19) and the music is better.

  8. Well, crap. Not only must all those lesbian friends have been figments of my imagination, but the gay male friends must only stay in touch with me because they’re still trying to get into my pants after all these years.
    Or they want to raid my collection of show tunes.
    What a loser.

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