The Birthers are the Least of Their Problems


The birther stuff is extreme, sure, and is extremely easy to
refute. But then let’s run down the GOP dogma, the things no Republican
politician could ever say in public without getting lynched, perhaps
even just metaphorically: (1) global climate change is a serious crisis
caused by human activity; (2) the mainstream media is not committed to
electing Democrats; (3) a spending freeze in a severe recession is
insane; (4) Rush Limbaugh is rather a blowhard (to quote Rush’s latest,
from Armbinder, “Rush Limbaughclaimed today that
Obama “has yet to prove that he’s a citizen”); (5) Osama bin Laden and
Saddam Hussein were never remotely in cahoots; (6) Barack Obama is not,
in point of fact, a “socialist”; (7) the government is not about to
send agents into your house to take your guns; (8) gay marriage is no
big whoop… need I go on?


The only thing keeping Serious Journalists from worshiping the
“birther” garbage as the Legitimate Wisdom of Heartland Voters is that
it’sdéclassé. That it’s, empirically speaking, bullshit, has no bearing.

Thers hits on something interesting here, which I’m sure all the Serious Journalists would deny. This is a choice, to cover the less extreme GOP bullshit and not the birther bullshit when really they’re of a piece. I don’t know if it’s the intensity with which they talk about the same nonsensical shit but after a while it just sounds like one big hash of stuff that isn’t true. Giving credence to some ingredients in that hash and not others is a conscious choice.

On the other hand, the thing that does make the birther nonsense bubble up occasionally is that it’s fucking hilarious.


9 thoughts on “The Birthers are the Least of Their Problems

  1. see my post below.
    The story isn’t the merits of any of those claims, so trying to run down what’s true or not is bullshit, whether it’s climate change denial, obama is hitler, or birth certificates.
    Just like the story about the tea parties was not about taxes, it was about the organizing and the nutjobs. The story is this is the new Republican base of choice- these are not just the conservative, religious but otherwise sane people, these are full on nutjob fruitbats who are allowing themselves to get whipped up into a frenzy. They’ve always been there but they’re now being moved up to the front.
    The people on top are going to have to make a choice- do they just exploit the frenzy so they can use the momentum of it and then come election time, they’re going to have to try and get the crazies rounded up and sent back down to the basement and try to focus on boring old traditional religious conservatives who can actually cobble together something more convincing, or do they just say, what the hell, let’s go full out gonzo, and let the inmates run the asylum and run Palin/Limbaugh 08.
    OR, do they lose what their one previous advantage has always been-message discipline/hive mind, and split into separate camps and fight each other (more than they already have).
    That’s the story.

  2. the birther thing is ONE that the gnews can definitely say is BULLSHIT. for the rest, they ain’t got the balls to tell the rite they are WRONG.

  3. Pete, you’ve gotta learn to use html tags. Sheesh.
    Adrastos’ post.
    I think that’s it, anyway. I can’t get to it from work. Shhh. Don’t tell my boss I’m here.

  4. Odd thing on the Repub agenda that I learned today sitting in the doctor’s office – being sickend by Fox:
    1) They love seeing someone make a disturbance at a forum on healthcare. Show the tape and everything and comment on the strong proud people who dare to speak out (and make the meetings disorderly).
    2) The economy plan must be working. Fox News pundits announcing their list of where the prez needs to work, state that the economy will get better on its own. Sure sign that the end of the recession is near and we have to avoid giving credit where credit is due.

  5. I know the left would love to think that most conservatives are birthers and wingnuts, as Adrastos’ post today suggests, but it just ain’t so. To the extent that any of the listed issues even hint at wingnuttery, I submit that such issues represents perhaps a distorted response to the persistent disquietude that many citizens are feeling about our country. Let’s not be so foolish as to suggest that ideological overreach is uniquely endemic to the right. The dubious healthcare “reform” legislation and the intellectual arrogance accompanying it may equally represent the kind of wretched excess from the left that gives wingnuts a bad name.

  6. Hey A!
    Yeah, that’s what I was saying.
    I’m jealous of your trolls, tho. The last one is delicious. M sends love.

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