Have People Changed Their Font Colors Back Yet?

In case anybody’s curious Iran’s still all fucked up.

The reason I got so cynical about the AND THE BLOGOSPHERE SHALL BE GREEN FOREVER type of thing, by the way, is that I know from bitter experience how hard it is to keep up interest in a story when everybody’s flittered on over to the next topic. When people have promised you their eternal support and devotion and attention and said, “Hey, we’re all over this until whatever the bitter end might be” then bugger off to chase the next shiny object they see, it’s discouraging. So I tend to be suspicious of bandwagons simply because most of the people jumping on board them will be bailing onto the next one that passes.

And look, nobody’s particularly obligated to care about a thing forever. What we choose to care about is called our lives and our lives change fast. People are allowed burnout. People lose interest in things and move on. I can’t say I care unequivocally about every single thing I used to care about ten years ago. It happens.

But knowing that it happens is just one more reason NOT to use your eternal fealty to something — your warblogger intensity — to shame anyone who doesn’t appear to care as much as you say you do. Not even stones, goes a line from one of my favorite books, are always and forever.


7 thoughts on “Have People Changed Their Font Colors Back Yet?

  1. Hi A. For what it’s worth I think part of the reason for the color changing and other signs of support was initially about raising awareness; the first weekend after the elections in particular – the cable news outlets weren’t covering it at all so bloggers like Andrew Sullivan and Nico Pitney stepped into the void. I don’t recall anyone disparaging those who didn’t do something and would love to see an example or two if you can provide it. The impression I got of those who were publicizing it wasn’t so much holier-than-thou as “let’s make some noise in the face of the radio silence on many big outlets.” No one that I read/saw was calling for eternal fealty or GREEN FOREVER.

  2. There was a lot of Kossackian nonsense about “turn the site green or else you don’t CAAAAAAAARE” once the green wave began. Not to mention this: http://www.balloon-juice.com/?p=22855
    There was also quite a lot of PROFESSIONAL concern trolling from the neocon side about how if we wore green AND bombed the shit out of some people that would really show our support, which may have colored my memory about the blogospheric commentary, admittedly.

  3. I think many of share that same cynicism and wariness but I don’t know of anyone who’s forgotten the story. It’s definitely moved on into a different phase. It’s much grimmer now, there’s not nearly as much information coming in from the people on the street, and there’s more people in prison than there are on the street.
    But I think many are still following this with a great deal of interest.

  4. My Avatar is still green. But, I think the Iranians are taking the long view on this. They will keep pelting the establishment with both real and metaphorical rocks until change comes. It took over a year for their previous revolution to come to fruition. This one may take a while, too.
    Still, it can’t hurt to tell them that we haven’t forgotten about their plight.

  5. For years after the Spanish Civil War La Pasionara, one of the great supporters of the Republican cause was noted for wearing black. It was assumed that she wore black in mourning for the lost cause, but years later, when she was in her 80s, she admitted that she wore black because “I look good in black.”

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