Happy Democrat Photo: Massa Edition


Eric Massa, gentleman from New York:

“Words cannot express how furious I am at Fox News, Lt. Col Ralph
Peters and Bill O’Reilly for suggesting that we should leave a prisoner
of war behind and allow him to be executed by the Taliban to save us
the trouble of trying to intervene” said Congressman Eric Massa. “Last
night I joined with a bipartisan group of 22 other Congressional
veterans in demanding an immediate apology to the family of PFC
Bergdahl from Fox News, but I don’t think that goes far enough. I want
to see Mr. Peters and Mr. O’Reilly fired immediately for their
inexcusable attacks on a prisoner of war. Their comments aid and abet
our enemies during a time of war and the burden is on Fox News to prove
that they reject this by taking the tangible action of issuing an
apology and firing both of them.”

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4 thoughts on “Happy Democrat Photo: Massa Edition

  1. Is it even possible to stretch your imagination far enough to wonder what would happen if a “liberal” news commentator were to suggest that it would be good if an American POW were executed by his jailers? I haven’t been able to stretch mine that far – too much like wondering how it would feel if I were a Martian. Without even thinking about it you can be sure that the “liberal” commentator would immediately find him or herself jobless.
    Perhaps this isn’t a double standard at all. Maybe it is just our tolerance for the feeble minded among us. Do we even expect severely mentally handicapped people to write Nobel prize winning novels? That explains it, except that I can’t see us ever electing one of those non-Nobel prize winners President – twice.

  2. Yeah, ’cause Faux is going to fire O’Reilly for something he said…

  3. Well, first you gotta find a “liberal” news commentator.
    Dan Rather’s out there but you gotta watch him on Mark Cuban’s station or the Internetz.
    (Those Bill Kurtis ads for “faster than …” famous sports stars “on the Internet” are almost cute.)

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